How Was I To Know
- by Anshul Gandhi



Had just been too long since I had written something and I was just in the right mood and so, this was the result.

Yes, again almost same as most of my other poems and yes, you'll have to excuse me again for giving it a depressing end. I was sitting in the bus and I just thought "I gotta kill the girl at the end and have her thoughts from the place beyond". That's how this happened.

There are three ways to read the poem. You could either just read the left part or just the right part or alternate between one stanza left and one on the right. This was the main reason for publishing it here. A good experiment that paid of well. It's good to keep trying something new, especially with your hobbies.

Nothing much to it. The usual. Hope you all like it.


The evening is dying down,

The sun is ready to set,

Staring into the twilight,

I reminisce the day we met.

Thinking of you from across the lands,

  I know you are lost in my thoughts,

   Lost in the days that we had spent,

  Your mind must be going through lots.

Not a word was spoken between us,

Not a touch was shared,

Yet we knew what the other was thinking,

But neither of us dared.

That day when we first met,

  Just staring through stolen glances,

   Even without words being said,

   We were already thinking of the chances.

How was I to know,

That you had just moved in next door,

How was I to know,

That now I wouldn't need to dream anymore.

How was I to know,

   That I would see you again that day,

   How was I to know,

   That with you is where my future lay.

Thinking of times like those,

Tears flood my eyes,

Not knowing where to look for you,

I stare across the skies.

Those are the memories I walk with,

   Those are the moments I treasure,

   Looking at you gazing towards me,

   You have no idea about its measure.

Then came the day we fought,

And nothing ever changed back,

If only I had put in more thought,

I wouldn't have to feel this lack.

But the nightmares still haunt me,

   That day that we broke apart,

   If only I had been thoughtful,

   I wouldn't have to leave with a heavy heart.

How was I to know,

That we wouldn't meet again,

How was I to know,

That nothing would numb this pain.

How was I to know,

   That my mind wouldn't be on the drive,

   How was I to know,

   That that was my last day alive.

I still wait for you to return,

Maybe you lost your way,

Maybe you are just taking your time,

I know you will be back any day.

I wish I could return,

   I see it in my dreams,

   I see you taking me in your arms,

  So true it all seems.

Forgive me for all my sins,

Oh please forgive me my dear,

Tell me you are on your way,

Tell me you are near.

Forgive me for all that happened,

   Oh please forgive me my dear,

   How much ever I scream,

   I know you cannot hear.

How was I to know,

That I would end up waiting for you forever.

How was I to know,

That you would return to me never.

How was I to know,

   That I would never be able to say my goodbye.

   How was I to know,

   That I would have to wait until you die.