-by Anshul Gandhi





























For you, on Valentineís Day, 2007.  



A life we see,

A dream we share,

A home thatís our own,

And a love that takes care.


Let me be the one,

Let me be the light.

Let me be your day,

Let me be your night.


Waking up in each otherís arms,

Spending the day cooking food together,

A glass of wine to go with it all,

And a night that lasts forever.


Let me be your hero,

Let me be your prayer.

Let me be your pride,

Let me be the one whoís always there.


Itís our chance to blow out the candles,

And wish for the life that we have been dreaming.

So take my hand and letís close our eyes,

And work our way towards a new beginning.