-by Anshul Gandhi


I call this one the "Lenient" version of the poem cause I didn't stop myself to bother whether the poem was becoming too sarcastic or too out_of_reach of the reader. I just wrote on.

There were numerous and obvious inspirations for these poems, but the Kill was provided by this piece of poetry that I read in a book. It was the translation of a German poem written by the 19th century poet Heinrich Heine
“How the moon’s reflection trembles
In the sea’s heaving waves,
While the moon itself moves
Calmly and surely through the vault of heaven !

Thus you move, beloved,
Calmly and surely, and only
Your image trembles in my heart
Since my own heart is storm-tossed.”

Now this is beauty. Simply powerful. I hope to achieve such a standard someday :)

The format of the poem is simple.
Three parts, each of 2 + 1. The "1" that is italicized contains the finality of each part, the crux and inner-meaning of the poem.

Hmm, where do I begin from. This poem was yet another in my collection of pessimistic-romantic poems. Quite a lot of things that I would like to point out.
The word "sinned" used in the 4th line was meant to express the darkness that is sometimes related to Love. The word "commit" used in line 5 again asserts this fact.

"paralyzed" in line 16 refers not to the literal meaning of the word paralysis. It means the state of being captivated by one's own passion.
"Death" in line 18 is a personification.

"neither" in line 28 refers to the protagonist and his lover.

"Neverness" in line 29 refers to a state of accepted failure on one's part. Its like a confession of a failure that exists.


Once again, there's a lot of pessimism and pain in the poem, but it is true and innocent in its own way.

It serves as my acceptance of the eternity of Love.


Just as the innocent leaves tremble
Before being devoured by the wind,
I feel my heart quivering
And I know I haven’t sinned.

‘twas only love that I committed
Only love did I fulfill,
Yet I feel my life being drained,
Like the sands in the hourglass will.

You, my love, are my only awareness,
You, forever, are my foreverness.


Once the sea is disturbed,
Never shall the waves abate;
On and on will they wander,
Till at the shore they meet their fate.

So I move, tireless
Though paralyzed by my passion;
So I move, lifeless
Till Death does its deed of compassion.

You are the intoxication, you are the numbness,
You, forever, are my foreverness.


You are the Sunrise that I wake to,
You are the Moonlight that subdues me.
You are the Dream that I fall into,
You are the One that completes me.

I ask for nothing
I crave for no more,
But love you, I always will,
Cause neither can control it anymore.

You are the Longing, you are the Neverness
You are, forever, my Foreverness.