Crying Alone On The Seas
- by Anshul Gandhi



It's been a while since I last composed a poem completely, though I have been scribbling lines on the back pages of my books for quite some time now :D
That's exactly how this poem came about.
I had wanted to compose a new poem for a month now but never found the right mood or scenario for it  :|
But then, it happened. Economics class, 2 pm in the afternoon, fans at full speed, REAL dull class. That was all I required :D

I turned back to the last few pages of the economics book and started to scribble down something.
That's how the 'main' section of this poem was born. I wrote only the first two stanzas initially, but later on, I managed to complete the entire 'main' section.
I must WARN you that this 'self-review' is gonna be pretty long coz well, who doesn't enjoy talking about their own creation eh :D

Initially, however, I did not plan for the other sections at all. Once I completed the 'Main' section, I felt I could and I should add more to the theme and convey the scenario in a more 'complete' manner.
I then started out with the 'epilogue' section and last came the 'prologue'. That's how each section came into being.

A few clarifications before I proceed.
First, the idea for this poem was rather spontaneous. What goes on in your mind sitting in a real boring lecture is not exactly something that can be planned beforehand :)
Infact, because it was an instantaneous thing, the theme was so unique and I must say, the theme was the driving force for the words in this case. You can easily 'see' the poem as it moves ahead. That's the beauty of it.
Second, yes, this is yet another of my 'sad and grey' poems but come on, you gotta give me that much freedom. It's not easy to write on a topic that you aren't sure of or comfortable with. Things that come naturally are easier to write on and they turn out much neater and elegant.

Alright, now for the technicalities (if any :D).
The rhyming scheme throughout the epilogue and prologue is the simple 'aa'.
That in the 'Main' is 'aa-bb'.
Also, note that each section had exactly six paragraphs (somehow, I didn't need to ensure this. Six just seemed long enough to convey the meaning of each section :)  ). 

The inspiration behind the poem was just the very theme of the poem. I just visualized the setting and well, the words just flowed out pretty easily. I chose to add the 'epilogue' and the 'prologue' to give a better insight into the situation, as though adding context to the poem.

Alright then, lets go through the poem :)
As always, the characters in this poem are the lover and his beloved, who, in this poem does not respond to his love in the manner that he would want and the existence of some past relationship between them is assumed. 
These lines represent the girl's views as she sees the guy alone on the seas and goes on to talk to him.
'unfree' I guess is not a dictionary word but then it fits pretty well here and so I just felt compelled to use it.
Line 3 indicates a past between them or just that they do know each other.
Now line 4 really did come out pretty well. It represents the fact that he looks older than he should be (looking more thoughtful and all).
Line 6 is pretty important for the theme as it gives the first clue about the involvement of the girl in the guy's present situation.
Stanza 5 can actually be visualized in the head. The girl calling out to him, and the guy, trying to hide his sadness, wipes away his tears and takes a moment to collect himself (he waits a while) before turning to her.

The first stanza describes the setting.
Stanza 2 gives another clue about the involvement of the girl.
Line 2 of stanza 3 tries to say a lot :)
The word 'me' in it is rather important. It is supposed to reveal the attitude that the guy takes towards her. He means to say  that he hopes she will go on to live a life that keeps her happy and in turn, he would feel content at seeing her happy.
Notice the last line of stanza 3. It starts shifting the focus from 'me on the sea' to 'the guy you saw on the sea'.

Stanzas 4 and 5 further shift the focus to 'someone' crying alone on the seas. The guy is trying to shift the girl's attention away from him so as to stop her from worrying about him. These two stanzas also expose the reader as well as the girl to other reasons as to why 'someone' could end up crying alone on the seas.
Basically, he is trying to say to her that he isn't crying on account of the sadness that his come his way, but for the joy that came along.

Stanza 6 seals the drama and the mystery behind 'why was he crying' by saying that 'the guy on the sea' was crying because of the bliss and joy and his faith in love that he couldn't conceal within him. Again, notice the 'him' in the last line. At this point, the guy has been successful in shifting the focus of the girl from himself to 'someone on the sea'.

It is the last lines of all the six stanzas that actually represent the guy's motives in his attempt to shift the girl's attention.
He doesn't want her to feel that he is crying on account of the pain. Rather, the overwhelming emotions of love and joy are the reason for that.

These are the guy's personal thoughts after the girl has left.
Line 1 brings back to reader to the original setting as introduced in the prologue. Line 2 indicates that the guy was successful in his attempt to try and make her feel better (whereas it should have been the other way round :|   ).
Stanzas 2 and 3 represent his 'relation' and respect for the sea as a patient friend and listener. I had thought of adding another piece to the epilogue by personifying the sea and expressing its opinions but that would become rather unreal and too dramatic.

Stanza 4 delivers the kick (at least that was my plan :D)
The second line actually says that he has been hiding the truth from her and Stanza 5 further adds to it and says that the situation is not resolvable.
I wanted to extend stanza 6 but it didn't seem right as the pattern was getting disturbed. 'Closing my eyes' and then 'returning to the dream' indicates his intentions of not bothering about the real world and rather choosing to stay/return to 'the dream that could not be', meaning the dream that never materialized.

On the whole, I accept that it is not a very clear theme yet if you do try a bit, you can easily the story I am trying to tell.

Personally, I feel that its a pretty good poem, with the prologue and all and its greatest virtue was its easy and powerful 'visualization'. The title says it all I guess.

Hope you liked it. I sure did :)




I see him there now, alone on the sea,

With tears in his eyes, he seems so unfree.


He doesnít seem like the person I once knew,

Itís as though life has passed him through.


I approach him now, with a fear in my heart.

I approach him now, with a feeling of guilt on my part.


Lost in his thoughts, heís looking the other way.

As I reach out for him, I realize I donít know what to say.


Wiping away his tears, he waits a while,

Sensing my fear, he manages a smile.


With a comforting look, he turns towards the sea,

In a calm and steady voice, he says to me:





On a lonely, grey and dying day,

When the winds have just begun to play,

& the shadows have emerged from the trees;

If you see me crying alone on the seas. .


Donít look at the reflections from the past,

Donít try to remember the memories that are dying fast.

Please donít feel guilty when you face the breeze,

Just because you saw me crying alone on the seas.


Live your life the way you vowed,

Live a life that will make me proud.

Donít ruin it all just trying to appease,

The guy you saw crying alone on the seas.


The heart does things one can never explain.

Whether it is a solitary grief that cannot contain,

Or an overwhelming bliss that is trying to ease,

One can end up crying alone on the seas.


 Some things are still not understood by all.

Things, that forever enthrall,

Things that can make a person go week in the knees,

And possibly make him cry alone on the seas.


Itís the unexplainable joy that came his way,

That even years of despair couldnít take away,

And itís the magic in the love that he still sees,

That makes him cry alone on the seas.






Yet another tear starts its descent,

As I see her walk away from me, content.


Soon she will be out of my sight,

And Iíll turn towards the sea, who knows my plight.


An ocean of memories he holds inside,

So many weep beside him, yet he never cried.


He can see my dreams right through my face,

Unlike her though, who never saw a trace.


I canít let her know, itíll be too much.

Thereís not a lot that can be done about it as such.


And so, closing my eyes, I turn towards the sea,

To return to the dream that could not be.