-by Anshul Gandhi



This was the first ever poem I ever wrote.
Though I mentioned before that The Force was my first poem, it was actually the first poem I ever composed on the computer. From then on all of my poems till date have been composed on the computer.

But the force was my first ever poem anywhere. It was written in a more traditional way, on paper. I guess I was in class 9th or 10th when I wrote this down. It was definitely done before The Force.

Sure it isn't half as good as the other poems but then this was the first and hence I won't go into negating on it :D

It actually represents a lesson saying that one mustn't sleep through opportunities, like I do.
I have this thing that whenever an opportunity comes up, I take too long to decide on it and usually end up losing the opportunity due to timimng-out of the opportunity window. It has happened far too often now and sometimes I just unconsciously pass out on opportunities.
It's basically because I spend far too much time thinking. Well, it has its pros and cons :)

So, back to the poem, well, there isn't much to say other than the fact that it again comes in a pattern of repetition i.e. it is a collection of 4 phrases. It's basically 4 X 2 in format.

The even lines represent the aftermath of delaying a decision based on the previous odd munbered line's context.

Nothing much and nothing great, but yes, it was the first.


By the time I decided to step on the land below. .

it quaked away;

By the time I decided to flow with the wind. .

I was blown away;

When I decided to finally swim in the seas. .

I was swayed away;

And by the time I opened my eyes. .

. . life passed away.