-by Anshul Gandhi



My second poem and my personal favorite.

It follows the protagonist's sufferings at the hands of love itself. It's his confession of pain and torment. A very favorite topic among poets, this was not very different from what most poets would like to express. But the reason why its my favorite is cause its true.

Its my personal memoir and forms a part of my life's journey.
Its very personal and hence very special to me.

There is nothing much to explain in this poem. Its quite straight-forward. The words I selected were very lyrical and had a lot of inner depth to them.

Again, its the ending that takes it all away.



Six years have passed but nothing has changed,

my love for her is still maintained.

I tried to forget her but all in vain,

she is still in me somewhere and causing great pain.


In my peaceful little life, she came like a wave,

and brought with her happiness and sorrow grave.

She changed my life  she changed my way

and all of a sudden, she walked away.


Where and why I do not know,

and the memories she left by just won’t let go.

Its all like a dream that I need to wake from,

but the harder I try, the deeper I drown.


When I close my eyes I see her there,

I feel her presence in the air.

Every heartbeat of mine follows her tune,

my life has as though, become her rune.


I now live my life with one little hope

that someday she will return, and then we’ll elope

away from this place, away from this world

to a haven where our love will be unfurled.


Till eternity I will wait for her,

she must be somewhere, I just wish she were. .

I might perish but my love will never.

She’ll be in my heart, now and forever.