A different book. Romantic Horror, you don't see that often. I must say that I initially enjoyed the book a bit but then it slowly lost its pace and the excruciating details just derailed the book.

It is the story of a simple, hard-working man who falls in love with this Mystery Woman Karin, who reveals very little about herself. Then, unexplained things start to happen with the two as they get married and start living together. Some very nice events were covered in the book which were quite mysterious, but there were other boring things too. At many places, the book becomes very intresting but soon it loses its charm due to unnecessary details and happeneings.

Why would the author talk at length about things like porcelain and art rather than concentrate on the story at hand is something that I don't understand.
At the end, there are many things that are left loose and you got to tie them up with your own pieces of thread.

The romance and the mystery surrounding Karin were notable and worth appreciation.

By: Richard Adams

Essence: romance, horror, intrigue, thrill, super-natural.