Though I am not a huge fan of suspense/thriller books and movies, this one stands out as an exception. This is already quite a famous book and by no means do I intend to go against its popularity.

Controversial. That's exactly what this book is.
It deals with so many things that will make you go "is that true ??" and the greatest kick is what the author has written in the first page claiming that the things in the book are facts. Well, so it seems.

As soon as you begin the book, its like you are seeing a high-quality suspense movie. Its so very clearly made. The suspense is so intense at times that I kept pushing myself to continue the book for as long as I could in one go (and I am not very good at this yet).

The secrets are so many and so very intriguing that you just can't put the book down. As I mentioned in my blog, un-putdownable. The mysteries, the clues, the code-breaking all add to the effect that the book brings upon you and you are so much sucked into the book. It was as though the book was written for a film. I can't wait for its 2006 release starring Tom Hanks in the lead !!

The book starts off with the murder of a Louvre Museum curator and this man is found with his body in a strange pose, as if trying to reveal some hints to somebody. From here starts a trail of clues and codes, almost like a treasure-hunt, and includes few new characters but so many changes within the characters itself as the story progresses. The end is very neat, but I must confess that it was the mid-section of the book that I enjoyed the most.

One of the things that puzzled me the most was how the author managed to untangle all the conspiracies and reveal the secrets so very convincingly !!
At many places in the book, I was like "Will I be given explanations about these things at the end or are they just loopholes ??". The explanations were given, but at almost the end. Sure, that's how it should be.

Very good book and I must say it deserves all the attention that it has been and will continue to get.


By: Dan Brown

Essence: suspense, thriller, church, controversies,  conspiracy, secrets.