By: Jeffrey Archer
Essence: murder plot, FBI, secret-service, political conspiracy, enmity, clues, plot, race against time, thrill, suspense, love

The last in the Kane And Abel trilogy, SWTTP is a remarkably well told and very well thought of book. It is a downright suspense thriller in which the plot consists of a group of people planning to assasinate the president and how the FBI deals with it.

The story has a lot of twists and turns that leave you almost shocked at times. The main characters in the story are very well constructed but the supporting cast, if I may say, is loose.

It's a short book and hence moves at a very good pace and there isn't any dragging at all. Very well made plot and all lose ends are nicely tied up at the end. I would say it slightly lacks what Da Vinci Code had, but otherwise it's a very impressive suspense-thriller with a bit of romance thrown in, which actually adds to the plot.

The only setback is that it is like a book that you'll always praise, but it won't be with you. I mean, it doesn't grow on you and fails at becoming a favorite. But apart from that, it is definitely a great read and actually, a must read.