By: Vincent Teresa

Essence: auto-biography, organized crime, deceit, greed.
The auto-biography of a top Mafia guy, that too who turned informer !! Do I need say more ?

The content of the script was so strong that I had to give it a 4/5. Its a brilliant book, with some outrageous revelations that will leave you shocked. 

This is more like a confession of Vincent Teresa, a top mob guy who was very close to the Boss of the Mafia himself. The book talks at length about the various ways in which the mob fooled people out of their money how easily they betrayed people. It also shows the inner workings of organized crime and the way things are handled there. The hierarchy of the mob, the back-stabbings, the black-money, the power etc are some of its contents. It also talks about the inclusion of many famed personalities into this dreaded business.

The book should be read simply because of its ingenious content. The relation that exists between the various members of the mob, the way they handle deals, the way money is invested and turned to white, the way they show loyalty to organized crime etc.

This is a marvelous book and a must-read if you enjoy such a topic are if you are looking for something unique.