By: Toni Morrison
Essence: greed, business, malice, hatred, suspicion, past, jealousy, reputation

This was a book that took me by surprise.
I took up the book because of its name alright, but it wasn't what I expected from the title. But no, this wasn't the surprise.

I'll be honest. After reading around 30-40 pages, I had to put down the book because it was like over the head stuff. I couldn't make out who was saying what :D
But, with courage, I took it up again after around 3-4 months. Went through those pages again and was determined to see what lies ahead. Answer: a great writer's awesome work !!

Love's beauty lies in its words. The author has done a splendid job of weaving a tale that is so very complex and involves so many angles. It is not like a whodunit plot which is complicated. Oh no, it's the content that's complex. And, honestly, that's the beauty of this book.

I gave it such a high rating because the story changes so much and the first half like builds up the setting in the reader that makes the second half seem so much like a surprise. It's like when a movie suddenly changes context after the intermission.

It was in the last chapters that the book really excels. The emotions and the interaction among the characters really moves the reader.

The story revolves around a group of female workers and how their greed and jealousy breaks them apart, yet there are greater things that glue them together. Sounds pretty sobre, but it's so very good that you will start looking for info on the author.

Let me make your job easier.
Toni Morrison: Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature.
And no, it didn't come much as a surprise to me after reading the book. It was so very cleverly written that you would easily identify the author's skill.

I personally didn't give it a score beyond 4 because it is a bit dull in the beginning and well, it's a heavy read. Not an entertainer.

Yet, it's a book that shows you what an author can do with his/her words.
Breathtaking work.