By: Lance Armstrong, Sally Jenkins
Essence: auto-biography, sports (cycling), inspirational, struggle, cancer survivor, champion.
This was the book that brought me back to novels and reading.

The story of this man is really the stuff of dreams. A cancer survivor, five-times winner of the prestigious Tour-De-France and above all, a winner for life. This man can easily boast of seeing death in the face and fighting back from that vision. The story will grip your heart, no doubt.

The book is around 250-300 pages and so isn't that long. But once you look back at the book after reading it, you won't see 300 pages. You will see the life of one true hero.
If you think you are having difficulties in your life and you are finding it difficult to find motivation, look no further. This is the book for you. Seriously, the inspiration and motivation that the book gives to the readers is immense.

The language is very simple and I must say that the man has a great literary skill apart from his various other talents. One of the most important aspects of the book is the simplicity and frankness of the author. You can almost feel his helplessness at times and there are places in the book where he openly admits his flaws.

One can very easily relate to Lance's life from his book. It presents all the facets of his life through his struggles and victories. The book also contains a lot about his fight against cancer and his life thereafter. A very good editing has been done, I must add.

Downright, its about how he coped with the worst situations that he encountered and the way his life turned around after each struggle. This man actually goes on to say that if he had to choose between the Tour De France and Cancer Survivor, he would choose Cancer Survivor !!
I salute you man, you rock !!

Overall, I would recommend this book to almost everyone out there. This is one book that will leave you inspired for a long time.