By: Nicholas Sparks
Essence: romance, teen-age love (adding anything else might spoil the story, incase you don't know it already)

Most of you must have seen the film by now and I am sure that most would have enjoyed the film.
It starts off as a pretty normal teen-age life story and then the romance takes centre-stage. The girl comes from a pretty orthodox family and her own values and faith make up for the depth in her character that plays a crucial role towards the end.

The guy is shown to be a pretty normal fun guy, but one who has his own life and commitments.

The story takes a huge turn towards the end and that's where the book actually becomes unputdownable. The second half of the book again takes a domination against the first but here, the first half is rather refreshing and the second is a bit heavy and serious.

It's a tear-jerker, no doubt in that. It will definitely pull on those strings in your heart (subject to availability :))).

This time, the author has done a much more focused work than in A Bend In The Road and that has created all the difference.

The reason for not going higher than 4 is the fact that though the story isn't exactly like in the movie, it is pretty much on those lines and so it does take some excitement out of it.
Apart from that, it is really brilliant, better than the movie even (as is true in most cases).