Ankush Das
9225 Gates and Hillman Center
Carnegie Mellon University, PA 15213 | ankushd at cs dot cmu dot edu

Recent News

  • Nov, 2018

    Our latest submission Resource-Aware Session Types for Digital Contracts is now online. We design a new programming language Nomos with support for tracking resource usage, as well as a linear type system for tracking funds to implement safe digital contracts.

  • Jun, 2018

    I am honored to be serving on the POPL 2019 artifact evaluation committee. Please consider accompanying your POPL submissions with artifacts.

  • May, 2018

    Great news! Our paper Parallel Complexity Analysis with Temporal Session Types (with Jan Hoffmann and Frank Pfenning) has been conditionally accepted to ICFP 2018. We define an elegant extension of session types inspired from linear temporal logic to analyze execution time of concurrent programs.

  • March, 2018

    I am very excited that our paper Work Analysis with Resource-Aware Session Types (with Jan Hoffmann and Frank Pfenning) has been accepted to LICS 2018. Looking forward to seeing you all in Oxford in July! This work combines techniques from type-based amortized analysis with session types to analyze the sequential complexity of concurrent programs.

  • October, 2017

    My mentor Akash Lal from Microsoft Research, India is presenting our paper Precise Null Pointer Analysis Through Global Value Numbering at ATVA in Pune! Please consider attending. We define a semantics-preserving program transformation inspired from global value numbering which drastically improves the precision of existing null pointer analysis techniques.

  • September, 2017

    My undergraduate advisor Akshay S is presenting our paper On Petri Nets with Hierarchical Special Arcs at CONCUR in Berlin! Please consider attending. We solve several open problems regarding decidability of termination, reachability, converability and deadlock-freeness of Petri nets endowed with hierarchy.

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