Ankush Das
9225 Gates and Hillman Center
Carnegie Mellon University, PA 15213 | ankushd at cs dot cmu dot edu

About Me

I am a third year PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University. I am advised by Prof. Jan Hoffmann. I am broadly interested in programming languages with a specific focus on analysis of resource consumption of programs. I am currently working jointly with Prof. Frank Pfenning and my advisor on analysis of parallel complexity of concurrent programs.

Before joining CMU, I worked as a Research Fellow at Microsoft Research, India with Akash Lal where I developed a fast method to perform precise alias analysis for C and C++ programs for Windows driver modules to automatically infer safe null pointer dereferences.

I completed my undergraduate at IIT Bombay, India where I worked with Prof. Supratik Chakraborty and Prof. Akshay S on deciding termination of linear loop programs.