Measurement, Modeling, and Simulation

Directional Antennas

The Effective Directivity Antenna Model (EDAM) is a model of the realized signal directionality when directional antennas are used in environments with significant non-line-of-sight propagation components.

See also the cu/rssi data set and cu/antenna data set at CRAWDAD.

Outdoor Networking Testbed

The CU Wide-Area Radio Testbed: A campus-wide testbed for experimental networking hardware and systems. The testbed consists of a permanent infrastructure for support, management, and data collection, and a long-term deployment of eight switched-beam phased array antenna nodes. WART has also hosted experimental equipment for fine-grained cellular localization and a GENI WiMAX base station, and may support GENI cognitive radio nodes.

Network-Scale Channel Emulation

The CMU Wireless Network Emulator is described on its own page here. Our group is interested in both the development of new models – especially for effects beyond the scale of individual links – and the design of hardware and software for applying those models in real time.

Papers on modeling for emulation: