Eric W. Anderson

System Scientist
Carnegie Mellon University
Computer Science Department
Gates-Hillman Center (GHC) 6005
Sometimes in the ARC lab

Office phone: +1-412-268-1908
Cell: +1-412-726-3560
(use these PGP keys)



I work on wireless networking, primarily at the interface between algorithms, network protocols and radio reality. At the moment, my main projects are joint optimization of physical-layer and MAC processes, and emulation of RF signal propagation as a tool for networking research. I’m guilty of occasional digressions into security, formal logic, programming languages, and computer science education.

For a look at what I doing until recently (though it was out of date, then, too) take a look at my University of Colorado page.



Advisors: Douglas Sicker, Dirk Grunwald. Dissertation committee: Timothy X. Brown, Manuel Laguna, Sanjay Shakkottai. Some people I’ve worked with over the years: Peter Steenkiste, Caleb Phillips, Kevin Bauer, Gary Yee, Michael Buettner, Fan Bai (GM Research), Richard Han, Michal Young, Reza Rejaie, Jun Li. Students I’m co-advising or have supervised: Xiaohui Wang (ECE Ph.D.), Joel Feinstein (ECE M.S.), Sundeep Konudula (ECE undergraduate), Anirudh Reddy Pesaladinne (ECE undergraduate).

Notes to Students

Prospective students: Please apply through the standard channels.

Current students: If you’re interested in anything I’m working on, come talk to me!

Also: I am not the Eric Anderson in the School of Design! And I’m not this guy either, though I do admire the beard.


I am currently on the job market and will be available starting Summer 2013. Here is my CV.