As robots enter the human environment and come in contact with inexperienced users, they need to be able to interact with users in intuitive fashion - keyboard and mouse are no longer acceptable as the only input modalities. Humans should be able to communicate with robots using methods as similar as possible to the concise, rich, and diverse means they use to communicate with one another. Cooperation among humans is multi-modal and often intuitive, whereas current methods of cooperation among robots and between robots and humans, whether for programming or control, are generally highly specified and inflexible. Cooperation between human and a robot system involves communication of intent through available mode of interactions. Interactive Robot Programming group in the AML works towards a comprehensive human-machine interface that allows non-experts to conveniently compose software for and cooperate with robot systems.


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Institute for Complex Engineered Systems
The Robotics Institute

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Newell-Simon Hall B512 (x8-6675)

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