Welcome to the home of the Electronic Marketplaces Lab (EM). We're part of Carnegie Mellon's Computer Science Department.

Broadly speaking, we study how computers impact traditional game theory. In practice, this involves everything from large-scale equilibrium computation to automated negotiation to the design of new economic structures like markets.

For more on our research, please visit our individual home pages.

Team members

Tuomas Sandholm - Professor, Founder and Director

Noam Brown - PhD Student

Gabriele Farina - PhD Student

Christian Kroer - PhD Student

Ellen Vitercik - PhD Student (co-advised with Nina Balcan)

Benjamin Clayman - MS student

Benjamin Plaut - undregraduate student

Prof. Tri-Dung Nguyen - Visitor


Graduated PhD students

Dr. John Dickerson (2016) - Assistant Professor, University of Maryland, College Park

Dr. Sam Ganzfried (2015) - Assistant Professor, Florida International University

Dr. Abe Othman (2012) - Co-Founder, stealth startup in the Bay area

Dr. Michael Benisch (2011) - Director of AI, Rocket Fuel

Dr. Andrew Gilpin (2009) - Director, Princeton-based hedge fund

Dr. Vince Conitzer (2006) - Kimberly J. Jenkins University Professor of New Technologies, Professor of Computer Science, Professor of Economics, and Professor of Philosophy, Duke University

Dr. Kate Larson (2004) - Associate Professor, University of Waterloo


Former postdocs and research associates

Dr. Fei Peng (2013-2015) - Director of Engineering, Optimized Markets, Inc.

Dr. Kimmo Berg (2014) - Aalto University, Systems Analysis Laboratory

Dr. Noam Goldberg (2013) - Lecturer at Bar-Ilan University

Dr. Pingzhong Tang (2010-12) - Assistant Professor of computer science in Yao's class at Tsinghua University

Dr. Felix Brandt (2003-04) - Heisenberg Professor, Technical University of Munich

Dr. Alexander Nareyek (2003) - Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore

Dr. Paolo Santi (2003) - Senior Researcher, Institute of Informatics and Telematics of the National Research Council


Former sabbatical visitors

Prof. Craig Boutilier (2008-09) - Principal Scientist, Google; formerly Professor, Computer Science Department, University of Toronto

Prof. Dov Monderer (1999-2000) - Luxenberg Chair Professor, William Davidson Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Prof. Sviatoslav Braynov (1998-2000) - Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, University of Illinois at Springfield

Prof. Fernando Tohmé (1996-2000) - Professor, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Departamento de Economía, Bahia Blanca, Argentina


Graduated MS and BS students (mainly when the lab was at Washington University)

Kevin Su (MS 2013)

Zhijian Lim (BS 2004)

Kate Larson (MS 1999)

Martin Andersson (MS 1999)

Qianbo Huai (MS 1999)

Vincent Ferrandon (MS 1999)

John Olsen (MS 1999)


Former short-term visitors

Dr. Marco Rocco (2014)

Dr. Troels Bjerre Sorensen (7/2006-12/2006)

Prof. Rudolf Müller (9/2005)

Prof. Makoto Yokoo (10/2001)