Alex Limpaecher

This is a portal to all my awesome stuff
Email: alimpaecher at gmail dot com
Cell Phone: (978) 771 0987

DrawAFriend - Lead Game Designer and Developer

During the day DrawAFriend is an asynchronous turn based social drawing and guessing game where players draw their Facebook friends and celebrities. At night it is a crowdsourcing research project, aimed at understanding how people draw and developing tools to help people draw better.
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Early Paper Prototypes
DrawAFriend Designs

DrugDiscover - Lead Game Designer and Developer

DrugDiscovery is a citizen science game prototype for the iPhone. Players compare and contrast different small drug molecules, aided by dynamics alignment algorithms visually represented in the game.
Try the prototype! (use the password: swordfish)
Video Intro for DrugDiscovery

eteRNA - Game Designer

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eteRNA is a citizen science puzzle game where players design RNA molecules. I primarily worked on the meta-mechanics of the game.

StreetHunt - Lead Game Designer and Developer

StreetHunt is a augmented reality side-scroller game, where you use your iPhone to chase an alien around Seattle. It was somewhat dangerous in that it had no concept of traffic laws, and thus it was only released internally within Microsoft. Watch the trailer

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