Postdoc position on new educational game research and development project

We are looking for a postdoc for a new large-scale educational games project, which will be officially announced and launched shortly. The project involves the development of a game for science learning for very young children (pre-K through grades 3), which beyond science learning will emphasize higher-level problem-solving skill and social-emotional learning. We will design and build a compelling and fun game from the ground up, and the project will involve a series of empirical studies to evaluate and document (sources of) the game's effectiveness.

The postdoc will help with the educational aspects of the project, including (but not limited to) cognitive task analysis to clarify educational objectives and student thinking, consulting with game designers, helping to ensure that the game design addresses these objectives according to established (or new!) learning principles, and helping with playtesting, formative evaluation, and research studies.

The project will most likely be carried out by collaborating teams within the Human-Computer Interaction Institute and the Entertainment Technology Center, led respectively by Vincent Aleven and Scott Stevens.  The HCII team will include the following faculty:  Justine Cassell, Matthew Kam, Ken Koedinger, and Carolyn Rosé.

Preferred qualifications:  experience with instructional design or research for/with young children, educational game design experience, PhD in learning sciences, psychology, education, human-computer interaction, computer science, or a related field.

If interested, please send a CV, a couple of representative publications, and the names of about 3 references to:

Vincent Aleven
Human-Computer Interaction Institute
Carnegie Mellon University

Also direct all inquiries to this address. We are looking to fill the position soon.