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Aleksey Kliger at Regents Park (London, May 2005)

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Mailing Address:
Aleksey Kliger
Computer Science Department
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213 USA
8114 Wean
1 412 268-3056

Research Interests

Some of my interests are: type theory, programming language design, logical frameworks, certified code (typed assembly languages and proof-carrying code), garbage collection, parametricity and safety. I am advised by Karl Crary.

Currently I am working on a logic suitable for reasoning about low-level memory managers such as garbage collectors. By building on this logic, we hope to take the garbage collector out of the trusted computing base of a certified code framework and treat it like any other untrusted component. A draft of my proposal is available (Last updated: Apr 23).

Previously I worked on a logically-motivated type system for secure information flow. By starting with a logical (i.e. monadic) account that treats effects explicitly, we can take a store-oriented view of security suitable as a foundation to low-level secure intermediate languages. Some results appear below.

I am a member of the ConCert project: a framework for trustless grid computing via certified code.

As an undergraduate at Cornell, I did some hacking on polyglot: an extensible Java source-to-source translator for experimenting with extensions to the Java language. If you have to work with Java, polyglot is a good starting point.


Information Flow

Karl Crary, Aleksey Kliger, Frank Pfenning, A Monadic Analysis of Information Flow Security with Mutable State. (Abstract)


Secure information flow with monadic types:
Based on our work on a monadic analysis of information flow security. This talk is available in two flavors:


I was a teaching assistant for 15-814, the graduate intro to type systems, on two occasions: Fall 2003, Fall 2002.

In the spring of 2007, I was a teaching assistant for 15-213, an undergraduate introduction to computer systems. A subset of my recitation notes are available.

Hobbies, &tc.

For a few years, I was involved with the No Parking Players improvisation comedy organization at CMU. NPP runs improv workshops open to all members of the CMU community. In addition, a subset of NPP (dubbed the "performance group") puts on regularly scheduled improv performances during the academic year.

In the past, I juggled with the UPitt juggling club and occasionally with the sporadically-meeting CMU juggling club. As an undergrad, I was involved with the Cornell Juggling club.

Also, I make bad puns, such as this one about the Curry-Howard Isomorphism.

My sporadically updated personal webpage has more about my non-academic side.

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