Our Garden     two small pots with flowers

Jonathan and I both love beautiful gardens--a love which we inherited from our parents, who in turn inherited it from their parents.  We have invested quite a bit of time into our current garden, although we are still renting the house we live in.  We look forward to owning our own home so that we can plan more longterm landscaping such as fruit trees and climbing vines, etc.  The toilet you saw on my home page is courtesy of our friends Nate and Mandy who discovered it in the backyard of the their newly purchased home.  They didn't want and it, and I figured there must be some use for an abandoned toilet, so voila'! .... a planter was born!

Our Garden
    Here are some pictures of the plants that we have around our house.

The Wettstein Garden
    If you are into gardening, this is a must see!  It's my grandparents' garden--Grandpa does the veggies, Grandma does the flowers.

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