SIGGRAPH 2007 Maxis Sketches

Below are the materials for the four sketches we gave at SIGGRAPH 2007, based on work for the videogame Spore.

1. Player-Driven Procedural Texturing

Henry Goffin, Grue, Chris Hecker, Ocean Quigley, Shalin Shodhan, Andrew Willmott

A description of our procedural paint systems.

Abstract (4.7 MB)
Slides (3.5 MB)

2. Creating Spherical Worlds

Kate Compton, James Grieve, Ed Goldman, Ocean Quigley, Christian Stratton, Eric Todd, Andrew Willmott

How we go about generating spherical planets.

Abstract (1.6 MB)
Slides (2.4 MB)

3. Fast Object Distribution

Andrew Willmott

Abstract (192 KB)
Slides (1.4 MB)
Incremental Halton Code Example

4. Rigblocks: Player-Deformable Objects

Lydia Choy, Ryan Ingram, Ocean Quigley, Brian Sharp, Andrew Willmott

The basic building blocks of our editors.

Abstract (540 KB)
Slides (2.5 MB)