Thesis Proposal

 Hierarchical Radiosity with Multiresolution Meshes

Andrew J. Willmott



The hierarchical radiosity algorithm solves for the global transfer of diffuse illumination in a scene. While its potential algorithmic complexity is superior to both previous radiosity methods and ray tracing, for scenes containing detailed polygonal models, or highly tesselated curved surfaces, its time performance and memory consumption are less than ideal. Also, the density and orientation of the polygons in the input scene unduly affect the output of the method. The aim of this thesis will be to show that by using flexible surface hierarchies similar to those in the surface simplification literature, the use of regular refinement and to a large extent isotropic volume clusters can be avoided, increasing both the speed and the quality of the basic algorithm.  

I will develop a radiosity system incorporating these ideas, and show that its performance is superior to existing hierarchical radiosity algorithms, in the domain of scenes containing complex models. The underlying goal of my thesis work is to make high-quality radiosity possible with such scenes.

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