AI Seminar 2004/2005

Coordinator:  Prof. Jack Mostow

This is the home page for the AI Seminar at School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

To volunteer to give an AI seminar or to nominate an outside speaker, contact Prof. Jack Mostow.

The administrative contact for travel arrangements, scheduling, etc. (except where listed below) is Virginia Arrington (tel. 412-268-8126, office NSH 4219)

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Normally Tuesdays, 3:30-4:30, Wean Hall 5409.

Special AI seminars can be arranged at other times when necessary, provided the host can reserve a suitable room (which can be hard!).







Oct 19, 2004

David Andre


Manuela Veloso

BodyMedia -- A company built around machine learning: challenges, opportunities, and observations

Contact Norene Mears for appointments

Oct 26, 2004

Mark Craven

University of Wisconsin

Tom Mitchell

Machine Learning Applied to Uncovering Bacterial Gene Regulation

Contact Sharon Woodside for appointments

Nov 2, 2004

Tong Zhang

IBM TJ Watson

Yiming Yang

A Framework for Learning Functional Structures from Multiple Tasks and Unlabeled Data

Contact Jill Lentz for appointments

Nov 9, 2004

Elizabeth Sklar


Jack Mostow

SimEd: education as a multiagent simulation

Contact Janice Brochetti for appointments

Friday, Nov 12, 2004 10am

Judea Pearl


Jack Mostow

Reasoning With Cause And Effect

Location: NSH 3305; Note also special time! No time for appointments

Friday, Nov 19, 2004 11am

Ronald Parr


Carlos Guestrin

DP-SLAM: Mapping Dense Environments with Speed and Precision

Location: NSH 1305; Note also special time! Contact Monica Hopes for appointments

Dec 7, 2004

Jeffrey Cohn

University of Pittsburgh

Jack Mostow

Machine Analysis of Emotion Expression and Paralinguistic Communication

Contact Virginia Arrington for appointments

Jan 11, 2005

Milind Tambe

University of Sourthern California

Jack Mostow

Agent Teamwork: From Belief-Desire-Intentions to POMDPs and Back

Contact Virginia Arrington for appointments

Jan 18, 2005

Robert Schapire


Avrim Blum

A Maximum Entropy Approach to Species Distribution Modeling

Contact Virginia Arrington for appointments

Jan 25, 2005

Michael Littman

Rutgers University

Drew Bagnell

Advances in Model-based Reinforcement Learning or Q-learning Considered Harmful

Contact Heather Farah for appointments

Wed, Mar 23, 2005, 3pm, NSH 3305

Stuart Russell

Computer Science Division, UC Berkeley

Tom Mitchell

Uncertainty in an Unknown World

Note special date/time/location!
Contact Sharon Woodside for appointments

Mar 29, 2005

David Aha

Intelligent Decision Aids Group, Naval Research Laboratory

Joe Giampapa

Generative Ontologies for Knowledge Extraction from Text

Contact Marliese Bonk for appointments

April 12, 2005

Ben Taskar

UC Berkeley

Carlos Guestrin

A Large-Margin Framework for Learning Structured Prediction Models

Contact Monica Hopes for appointments

April 19, 2005

Chris Welty

IBM Watson Research Center

Katia Sycara

Information Extraction to Knowledge Representation

Contact both Marliese Bonk and Eleanor Cambridge for appointments

May 10, 2005

Steve Chien


Stephen Smith

Agents in Space: The Autonomous Sciencecraft on EO-1

Contact Marliese Bonk for appointments

Thursday, May 12, 2005, 3pm (NOT 3:30!), NSH 1507

Mike Bowling

University of Alberta

Manuela Veloso

Subjective Maps

Contact Norene Mears for appointments. Note special date/time/room!

Monday, May 23, 2005, 1pm in Wean 4623

Richard Caruana

Cornell University

Christos Faloutsos

Which Supervised Learning Method Works Best For What?  An Empirical Comparison of Ten Learning Algorithms

Contact Denny Marous for appointments. Note special time/room!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005, 10:30am in NSH 1305

Ben Grosof

MIT Sloan Information Technologies group

Norman Sadeh-Koniecpol

Semantic Web Rules for E-Services Knowledge Management

Contact Jennifer Lucas for appointments. Note special time/room!


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