Some Personal Stuff

Like most everyone else, I seem to have accumulated a collection of pointers to interesting sources on the Web. You're welcome to cruise them. Since I don't maintain these, quite a few a dead by this time. And they said the Web would replace libraries?


Scanned photographs. A lot seems to depend on the characteristics of the display engine and the viewers I know about aren't that smart about taking these into account. Most of these images are color reduced to B&W with 8-bit depth and 120 pixel/inch resolution. If your viewer provides gamma correction, try fooling with that. On a 4-bit grey-scale display a gamma of 1.8 is about right. Here's what some keys look like, scanned directly.

You can see what I look like now, in a more recent photo taken with an Apple digital camera (what can I tell you? it must have been a bad day). Actually, you probably can't display this image, since it's in .tiff format. A loser in the standards wars.

Well, we had a kid (21 december 1993). It was a great excuse to scan in some images:

There's more recent stuff available of course, but I haven't been feeling like I've had all that much time on my hands lately (what with rehabbing the new house and all). Stay tuned (or not).

Stuff by other people

Pointers to some places on the Web that I thought were neat enough (at the time) to click into my hotlist: