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Ahmed Hefny

Machine Learning Department
Carnegie Mellon University

Office: GHC 8223
E-mail: ahefny AT CSdotCMU DOT edu
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  • Avinava Dubey, Ahmed Hefny, Sinead Williamson and Eric Xing, "A Non-parametric Mixture Model for Topic Modeling Over Time", SDM 2013
  • [preprint]
  • Ahmed Hefny, Kareem Darwish and Ali Alkahky, "Is a Query Worth Translating: Ask the Users!", ECIR 2011
  • Ahmed Hefny, Hany Hassan and Mohamed Bahgat, "Incremental Combinatory Categorial Grammar and its Derivations", CICLING 2011
  • Ahmed Hefny and Amir Atiya, "A New Monte Carlo-based Error Rate Estimator", ANNPR 2010
  • Ahmed S. Hefny, Ayat A. Hatem, Mahmoud M. Shalaby and Amir F. Atiya, "Cerberus: Applying Supervised and Reinforcement Learning Techniques to Capture the Flag Games", AIIDE 2008



  • Error Rate Estimation for Small Sample Sized Problems, MSc thesis, Cairo University, 2010.

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