Selected Publications for Andreas Nowatzyk:


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The Sparc Architecture Manual, Version 9, SPARC International, co-author of the memory model section

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A. Nowatzyk, “A Metastability Tester”, CMU-SCS technical report TR-87-164

A. Nowatzyk, “Fast Evaluation of Arithmetic Functions”, CMU-SCS technical report TR-85-169

A. Nowatzyk, “Advanced Design Tools for Programmable Logic Devices”, CMU-SCS technical report TR-86-121

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A.Nowatzyk, "3D Macro-Cellular Automata Based on Spherical IC Lattices", International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems, ASPLOS’98

A. Nowatzyk, “To Boldly Go Where no Electronics Has Gone Before - An Optimistic User’s Perspective on Optical TDM Interconnects”, Invited talk, Conference for Massively Parallel Processing with Optical interconnects, Montreal, May 1997

A. Nowatzyk, G. Aybay, M. Browne, W. Radke, S. Vishin, “Scylla: A Memory Controller with Integrated Protocol Engines for Distributed Shared Memory Support”, HotChips’95, Stanford California, August 1996

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A. Nowatzyk, M. Browne, E. Kelly, D. Lee, M. Monger, M. Parkin, “The Architecture”, Workshop on Scalable Shared Memory Multiprocessors, International Symposium on Computer Architecture, San Diego, May 1993


US6128702 "Integrated processor/memory device with victim data cache"

US6081844 "Point-to-point interconnect communications utility"

US5900011 "Integrated processor/memory device with victim data cache"

US5754789 "Aperatus and method for controlling point-to-point interconnect communication between nodes"


"A Communication Architecture for Multiprocessor Networks", also availbable as CMU technical report TR-89-181 (comuter science department). Zip-ed Postscript version (0.6Mbyte)

Thesis related mystery: How did this research end up being referenced in 29 US patents, including US5503736 "Hydroboost piston pump for reverse osmosis systems" and US5460329 "High speed fuel injector" ? I guess Harry Q Bovik had something to do with this.

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