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Local Winter Flight Pittsburgh, February 2000

Outskirts of Pittsburgh in Winter. Rostraver airport in sight.

Pittsburgh offers quite a different scenery in winter. There is snow piled all over and the city looks dirty. However, the outside of the city looks beautiful covered with snow.

Ashley, Bob and I decided to fly for an hour or so. Ashley is interested in flying, she plans to pursue her private pilot license. Hopefully this opportunity will motivate her more.

The flight was uneventful, with a landing at Rostraver. We flew over Carnegie Mellon and over downtown at the end of the flight, returning to Allegheny County Airport.

Additional pictures are available clicking on the thumbnails below.

PFTC_backside.jpg (34791 bytes)

cmu_winter.jpg (56511 bytes)

In the back of PFTC (my flight school in Pittsburgh) people move the planes. A view of Carnegie Mellon from above. It shows the main buildings and the stadium and parking garage.

pgh_downtown.jpg (57809 bytes)

bob_and_ashley.jpg (40226 bytes)

A view of downtown Pittsburgh in winter. Bob Wand (first year robograd) and Ashley Stroupe (3rd year robograd) were the copilots in this flight.

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