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Hello, I am a graduate student in the Robotics Ph.D Program at Carnegie Mellon University. Within the Vision and Autonomous Systems Center (VASC), I am studying 3-D object modeling and recognition, a tiny portion of the field of computer vision. Below are some projects I am currently working on:

Mesh Toolbox: Software Tools for Manipulating Surface Meshes

Recognition of 3-D Objects in Complex Scenes

Artisan: Modeling of Industrial Interiors From Range Images

Control of Polygonal Mesh Resolution

Real World Modeling from Images

VRML Modeling

ISPRS: WG V/3 Test Images

Underwater Perception for Navigation

In September, I will be moving to lovely Los Angeles, California where beach-fires, mountain-riots and fruit-quakes abound. I got a job at the Jet Propulsion Lab. For those who don't know, I successfully defended my thesis on August 13th, 1997.

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