Tony DeWitt
Carnegie Mellon University
Department of Computer Science
adewitt at cs dot cmu dot edu


I studied at the SCS from 1996 until 1998, after which I started my career by working at Lycos. My complete resume (as of May 2006) can be found here.


DeWitt, T. Gross, T. Lowekamp, B. Miller, N. Steenkiste, P. Subhlok, J. Sutherland, D., "ReMoS: A Resource Monitoring System for Network-Aware Applications". Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science, CMU-CS-97-194. postscript

Anthony DeWitt and Thomas Gross. "The Potential of Thread-Level Speculation Based on Value Profiling". The Third Workshop on Interaction Between Compilers and Computer Architectures. San Jose, CA. October 7, 1998. postscript


Computer Architecture
Open Source Search
Google Code
Java APIs
Apache Software Foundation
DVB-H Resources

Last updated May 25, 2006