Great Theoretical Ideas in Computer Science
DH 2315, TR 3:00-4:20P
Luis von Ahn
Victor Adamchik

Teaching Assistants
Anton Bachin
Rob Bayer
Brendan Meeder
Matt Streeter
Brian Thompson
Matt Wright

  • The early final for the class will be held on Wednesday May 10, between 12:00 and 3:00pm in Wean Hall 7500.

  • The regular final will be held on Tuesday May 16, between 1:00 and 4:00pm in DH 2315.

  • A practice final is now out.

  • Practice Test for Exam 3 is out. [ Solutions ]

  • Practice Test for Exam 2 is out. [ Solutions ]

  • An explanation of the most common mistakes on assignment 5 can be found here. The file has been updated with comments about question 2, but you may have to clear your Internet cache to see the new version.

  • Anton's office hours will now be held on Tuesday from 4:30-6:30, at the same time as Matt Wright's.

  • Test 1 of last semester (with solutions) is out for you to practice. Do not spend too much time on the difficult problems, but try the simpler ones on your own before you see the solutions.

  • You should look at a document describing common mistakes on Assignment 2.

  • A guide describing how to succeed in the homework assignments.

  • You can now check your grades online.

  • In observance of Martin Luther King day, there are no recitations on Jan 16.

  • Students are strongly encouraged to use the class BBoard, academic.cs.15-251. Here are two ways to view it:
    • Webmail. Login, and then click on FOLDERS. Under "UNSUBSCRIBE/SUBSCRIBE" type in "academic.cs.15-251".
    • Pine. Login. Go to Folder List. Go down to Bboards, and hit enter. Hit "a" for addsub. Type in "academic.cs.15-251" without quotes.

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