15-200: Frequently Asked Questions

Submission Setup

Submission Procedure

Using SSH Secure Shell

Using KerbFTP

Bboard, how do I access it?

How do I post to the bboard?

Zipping Files on Imac

To zip all the files in a folder named myFolder into a single myZip file you do the following:

UNIX Operations

Here is a list of some commands that will come in handy when you want to manage your files on AFS.

Read more on Unix commands at the this site.

Can I switch to a different recitation section?

Your recitation section is run by a TA, and it is the TAs job to collect and report all of your course grades. It is thus extremely important that any change of section be done with (a) the permission of your current TA and (b) the permission of your new TA. If either your current or new TA fails to appprove of your section switch, then you may not make the switch. There are many reasons why a TA might refuse a section switch. For example, a section might already have too many students.

What if I need more time to do a homework assignment?

If you feel that you have a good reason for an extension, please see an instructor or your TA in person, preferably during office hours.

When is 5419 Imac cluster open?

Follow THIS LINK for open Lab hours.

Last updated August 24, 2006
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