Assignments are due by midnight of the day that is listed as due day.

Asterik "*" denotes a group project (2 students per group).

If youíre working with a partner, you only need to hand in ONE copy of the assignment. Put both of your names/Andrew IDs at the top of the files, and just pick one of your hand-in folders to turn it in to. Both partners should also put a text file in their folders with their partnerís andrew ID, to make sure that I donít miss anyone when Iím entering grades.

  Assignment     Topic     Due Date  
Lab 1 Basic Java: Shuffle   Sep. 03
Lab 2 Array: Bingo Sep. 17
Lab 3 LL: Fast Linked Lists Oct. 01
Lab 4 S&Q: Word Ladder Oct. 15
Lab 5* Recursion: Medley Oct. 27
Lab 6* Amortized Dictionary Nov. 12
Lab 7* Game Tree: Slide Puzzle Dec.03

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