Tool Support for Model Based Architectural Design for Automotive Control Systems

Kevin Steppe, David Garlan, Greg Bylenok, Bradley Schmerl, Kanat Abirov, and Nataliya Shevchenko

First European Workshop on Model Driven Architecture with Emphasis on Industrial Application, Enschede, The Netherlands, March 17-19, 2004.

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In conjunction with Ford Motor Company, we built a tool to support multilevel architectural design. The tool, called Synergy, allows Ford to visually design architectures of vehicle control components. The components are imported from existing Simulink models; then the tool automatically generates a detailed view showing all required connections and ports. The resulting model is exported to Simulink for further analysis. In this paper we describe the conceptual and technical challenges encountered in building Synergy and our design choices for solving them.

For further information, please visit the home pages of the ABLE research project and Carnegie Mellon University's Composable Systems Group.

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