16-627: MSCV Seminar


(Only open to MSCV students.) MSCV students will be required to participate in this one-semester seminar course which will prepare them for the MSCV project starting in the Spring semester. The first part of this course will cover talks by computer vision and related faculty about the ongoing research, development programs related to Computer Vision at CMU. The second part of this course will include student/faculty tutorial on topics such as OpenCV, Dataset Creation, and Mechanical Turk. The goal of this series is to get students acquainted with practical knowledge for a successful project. In the last month of the course, each lecture will cover upto four possible MSCV projects pitched by faculty or industrial sponsors. At the end of the course students will turn in their choices, and a faculty committee will assign them the final projects.







September 01


Mechanical Turk Tutorial

September 08

Resume Session

September 10

Job Fair Session

September 15

Stephen Nuske

Fernando De La Torres

September 22

Yaser Sheikh

Sidd Srinivasa

October 1

Leonid Sigal

Martial Hebert

October 06

Srinivasa Narasimhan

Aswin Sankaranarayanan

October 13

Louis-Phillipe Morency

Abhinav Gupta

October 20

Kayvon Fatahalian

Deva Ramanan

October 27

Simon Lucey

Kris Kitani

November 03

Evan Nisselson (Entrepreneurship)

November 10

Capstone Projects 1

November 17

Capstone Projects 2

November 24

OpenCV Tutorial

RGBD Tutorial?





Students are required to submit five half-page summaries of faculty talks.


The course will also require students to develop a project proposal which introduces a novel way computer vision can be used (a new application area)/a new research idea/a possible project idea. This will be presented in last class  (2-3 min presentations for each team, team of 2 students).