Pragma Group

Programmers Graphical Application Management Group

Our Mission

We are excited about the potential of Tablet PC's. Tablets can the 
change the way we interact with computers. Ability to write, annotate
sketch and draw on a computer brings us a unique opportunity to design, develop and 
test applications that take advantage of the unique features tablets
have to offer. We are serious about usability. So we do employ Human
Computer Interaction principles to design our products. We do socially
relevant projects. What that means is we look at products that can improve
our lives. We take machine learning seriously. Computers are fast and 
accurate but dumb (and Humans are slow and inaccurate but smart). So we
can do a lot to understand what people are writing and drawing and 
provide some feedback on that. We think that is really cool. But these
problems are hard. That's why we do them.


 Our Funding Come from Microsoft Corporation, HP, NSF and Private 

Showcase product

Tablet Math Whiz You really have to look at this

Other projects

[1] Using Machine Learning to Recognize Users
[2] Gaming and Tablet Math
[3] Ink Tutor
[4] Graph Animator
[5] Generating webpages from sketches
[6] Generating starter code using UML diagrams
[7] Data Structure Visualizer
[8] Improving the accuracy of multimodal input (with UPMC Cancer Center)

Current Members

Dan Petty
Dan Horbatt
Zuye Zheng
Aaron Kao
Steve Won
Manoj Dayaram
Chantelle Humphreys
Ananda Gunawardena

Past Members

Amit Agarwal
Zane Starr