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How it works

Using creative interface, workflows, and algorithms, Classroom Salon provides
a unique tool to set, teach, and assess your course.


any document, photo, or video to your


course activities to engage students in


course understanding via student

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"In addition to enabling social learning opportunities,
Classroom Salon provides unique insights into student thinking."

The Difference

Classroom Salon is unlike any other learning management system or application.

Effective Communication

Salon captures context through creative annotations, making it easy to communicate.

Aggregated Annotation Visualization

Salon aggregates annotations and presents "hotspots" in content to help visualize key areas that attention.

Social Collaboration

Salon allows discussions to be built around content without losing context, allowing opportunities to learn from others.

Self-Organizing Networks

Salon allows students to select, follow and communicate with their own self-organized networks.

Driven By Analytics

Salon provides more granular analytics than any other platform - creating "hotspots" for discussion and comprehension.

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About Us

Pioneers of an environment where learning comes first, not assessment -
gaining great insights into human learning through interpretation of content by individuals and groups.


Dr. Ananda Gunawardena

( Co-founder/CTO )


Tommy Wang

( Co-founder/CEO )


Dr. David Kaufer

( Co-founder/CIO )

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We used Classroom Salon for the first time with a reading in my 40+ student course and I was amazed at the level of engagement and participation. I think we've only scratched the surface of possibilities. I'm very excited to see what more we can do with it. Thank you so much for letting us try it out!

Megan Cicconi

Your product is amazing. I'm an educational technology director at a local school district and will begin using Classroom Salon with a few teachers that are flipping their classroom.

Eliana Colunga

I'm convinced, in just four days of use with my long distance students (none of whom I've even met in person), that this weekend will be a much more connected experience for them than any live classroom discussion or previous long live classroom discussion or previous long distance educational experience. Classroom Salon turns distance learning into connected learning.

Miles Mccrimmon

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461 Melwood Avenue | Pittsburgh, PA 15213 | 412.621.6287


Salon is funded by the National Science Foundation, Gates Foundation through next generation learning innovations grant,
Heinz Foundation (through Carnegie Tech. Transfer), Innovation Works and i6 innovation grants.