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Alright Already
Carol Leifer stars as Carol Lerner, an optometrist in Miami. Renee (Amy Yasbeck) is her business partner and roommate. Her younger sister Jessica lives with their parents, Mariam and Alvin, and the experience as aged Jessica prematurely. Her younger brother Vaughn is a slacker. Carol and Renee pretty much try to stay sane while trying to find the perfect men.
This spin-off from Buffy the Vampire Slayer follows vampire-with-a-soul Angel to Los Angels. As a private investigator he helps those in need, often against demonic and other magical forces. Cordelia Chase works as his receptionist while struggling to start an acting career. Half-demon Doyle was Angel's link to "The Powers That Be" via visions. But when Doyle sacrifices himself, the visions are transferred to Cordelia, and bumbling Wesley, former Watcher turned rouge-demon-hunter, offers his assistance. Angel believes he is fulfilling a plan that The Powers that Be have for him.
The Army Show
Comedy based around a supply company Army Fort Bendix. The Army thought it was closed in 1974, but it has survived as a base full of slackers. When it is discovered, the Army sends in Lt. Brandford R. Handy and a new C.O. to whip them into shape. This disrupts the life-styles of Master Sgt. Dave Hopkins, Corporal Rusty (the base mechanic), Pvt. John Ceaser, a pretty boy sentenced to a four-year term for hacking into the banking system, "Smart" Eddie, a genius former postman who was recruited so that he can win stuff for the base on game shows, Ozzie, a simpleton, and Lana, a ballsy and scary soldier. Dave is usually running scams, which Handy tries to stop, although the C.O. supports both of them.
Baby Blues
Animated comedy based on a comic strip of the same name. 29-year-old Darell and Wanda MacPherson try to raise their baby Zoe and stay sane while dealing with their baby sitter Dizzy and gruff-but-lovable neighbor Karl and his troublesome kids.
Brotherly Love
The WB picked up this 1995 Season NBC castoff. Joey Lawrence is Joe Roman, a 20-year old who had been living with his mother after his father divorced her and remarried when Joe was 5. His father, a former race-car pit crew member, left Joe one fourth of his garage when he died (about a year prior to the beginning of the show). When Joe intends to cash out of his quarter, he discovers that he his half-brothers Matt (15) and Andy (6) (played by Matt and Andy Lawrence), and his step-mother need him around.
Brutally Normal
Comedy set at Wicker H. Normal High School. Russell is overly confident and melodramatic. Anna is a former tomboy insecure about her womanhood. Pooh is their wimpy friend. Zany adventures ensue.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Based on the movie of the same name, this show picks up where the movie ended, and tries to be more spooky than comedic. Buffy begins school in Sunnydale, CA after being expelled for burning down the gymnasium of her Los Angeles high school. The only problem is that Sunnydale seems to be the heartland of evil. Giles, the school librarian and former curator of "the British Museum" takes over the role of Buffy's watcher, or guide. Buffy's other comrades include the snobbish Cordelia, the dweeby Xander, and the computer whiz Willow. Together they combat the evil forces at work in the city, while Buffy's mother is completely oblivious.
Three sisters Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell learn that they are descendents of a matrilineal line of witches, and further that they are The Charmed Ones: a trio of witches who must protect the innocent from evil. Prue, the oldest, is telekinetic, Piper can freeze time, and Phoebe, the youngest, is psychic. While fighting evil warlocks and other demons, they attempt to elude discovery by the San Franciso Police department.
Ellen Clegnorne stars as a single mother who co-owns a TV commercial agency with her friend Brad. Her time with her nine year-old daugher Akeyla is shortened by, and her life is complicated when her over-bearing mother, Lena, her eccentric father, Sidney, and her lazy sister, Victoria move into the apartment nextdoor. September 10, 1995 to January 28, 1996.
Dawson's Creek
Four teen-agers struggle with changing relationships and growing up in a fictional town in Massachusetts. Josephine (Joey) and Dawson are friends since childhood, and have shared much of there lives together, and whose relationship struggles due to them being 15 and "hormonal." Dawson has the perfect suburban life (his mother is a local TV anchor woman), wants to be a film-maker so bad that he doesn't think about anything else, worships Steven Spielberg, and seems to want to avoid the issues of growing up. Joey's father ran off, her mother died, and she's being raised by her older sister and her boyfriend. Pacey rounds out the trio as the more cynical and romantic friend. The three of them are joined by Jennifer, who has come to take care of her sick grandfather, but also to escape a past, who immediately causes tension in the group. The show is influenced by producer Kevin Williamson's experience growing up in North Carolina.
Drama focussing on young interns in Washington, DC. Mason Scott is a recent college graduate is a legislative assistant for a member of the House, after a short-but-disastrous stint as an intern for a Virginia Senator. Findley, his twin sister, drops out of graduate school in find herself. Pete Kinisky, a college friend of Mason, is a lobbiest. Sara Logan is a field producer for cable new channel CNL. Her boyfriend, Louis, a law clerk for the Supreme Court. Living together in a row house they are house sitting, the five struggle with the tensions and judgement calls of modern politics.
Felicity Porter is all set to begin college at Stanford when she realizes that her life has been planned for her. In an attempt to take control and find herself, she decides instead to follow Ben Covington, and classmate whom she barely knows but has a crush on, and enroll in New York College. Needless to say, her parents are less than thrilled. Stuck with a roommate that is her complete opposite, her only bright light is her resident advisor, Noel Crane, who takes an instant liking to her. This being a drama, many unfortunate things happen to Felicity and her expanding circle of friends.
For Your Love
[I need a better summary than this.] Situation comedy about three couples that began life as a mid-season replacement on NBC, but has aired on The WB since its second season. The three couples represent three stages of relationships: comfortable married, newly wed, and dating.
First Time Out
Jackie is a Yale graduate living with her two best friends, Dominique and Susan, and holding down two jobs as a receptionist at a trendy LA saloon and dubbing classic TV shows into Spanish. September 10, 1995 to December 17, 1995.
Gilmore Girls
Lorelai Gilmore became estranged from her wealthy Conneticutt family when she had a baby girl, Lorelai "Rory" Gilmore, at the age of sixteen. Now, Rory is sixteen and has been accepted to the prestigous Chilton Preparatory School. The problem is Lorelai cannot pay the tuition, so she is forced to ask for help from her parents. In exchange for the tuition, she agrees to have dinner with her parents every week and allow them back into her life. At home Lorelai and Rory struggle with adjusting their sister-like relationship to deal with boys and other teenaged problems. Meanwhile, Lorelai and her mother Emily must overcome sixteen years of friction, and realize they are more alike than they are different—that they are both proud and stubborn.
Grosse Pointe
Situation comedy from Darren Star about what happens behind the scenes of The WB teenage drama Grosse Pointe, named after the Detroit suburb in which it is set.
Half-hour sketch comedy program that targets over-hyped aspects of popular culture. The initial cast is Michael Roof, Jennifer Elise Cox, Gavin Crawford, Daniele Gaither, Nadya Ginsburg, Steve Kramer, Christen Nelson, Shayma Tash, Chris Williams, and Frank Caliendo.
Hyperion Bay
Denis Sweeny returns to his home town, Hyperion Bay, as the head of a new branch of a large software company Muse Prime. He's in constant competition with his older brother, Nick, who entered the family construction business. Tension exists between the working-class residents of the town and the employees of Muse.
In the Dark
A mid-season replacement game show that never aired. Based on a British show in which contestants are asked to perform various tasks in the dark.
Invasion America
Billed as television's first animated dramatic mini-series, this serial from SKG Dreamworks centers around an alien invasion of Earth. In 1981, the king of Tyrus, Cale Oosha, comes to Earth to visit an outpost in Utah. To his surprise, instead of being a base for study and cultural exchange, he finds that the Dragit is building a supply base for an impending invasion. Dragit stages a coup, and Cale is rescued by a passer-by Rita. She helps Cale and his aide, Raif, assimilate and eventually bear's Cale's son, David. Cale returns to Tyrus to try to overthrow the Dragit. Now in 1998, the Dragit feels it is the time to begin the invasion, and David is the Earth's last hope.
Jack & Jill
David "Jill" Jillesky is a toy designer who's life gets turned around when he meets Jacqueline "Jack" Barret. Jack runs to New York City to live with her friend Audrey, a dancer, after fleeing her post–college-graduation wedding. Problem is she hasn't spoken to Audrey since high school. Jill is taken with Jack immediately, but he's in the middle of moving in with his girlfriend Elisa, who gets Jack a job at the TV station where she works. Jill's friend and roommate Bardo is a first-year medical student who falls hard for Audrey. Mikey is there mutual friend who is a bartender at a local cyber bar.
The Jamie Foxx Show
From WB promos on AOL:
Some say that Hollywood is a town where they place you under contract instead of observation. So what better spot for bona-fide lunatic and aspiring actor/entertainer Jamie King (IN LIVING COLOR'S Jamie Foxx) than Movietown, USA? He leaves Dallas to live and work with his Aunt and Uncle's L.A. Hotel while awaiting his big break. But once there, Jamie finds the place has gone to pot thanks to his unreliable Uncle Junior (Garrett Morris). Enlisting the help of sweet Aunt Helen (Ellia English,) marketing wiz Francesca (Garcelle Beauvais,) and buppie accountant Braxton (Christopher B. Duncan,) Jamie plans to save the hotel and become a superstar at the same time! A new comedy that gives multi-talented Jamie Foxx the chance to play many of the hotel guests himself!
Katie Joplin
Comedy about Katie Joplin who moves with her 14-year-old son Greg from Knoxville to Philadelphia to find her deadbeat husband Jeffery. She becomes an overnight hit as a radio advice talkshow host because of her "fresh, down home honesty."
Kelly Kelly
English professor Kelly meets fireman Doug Kelly when he catches her as she falls from a ledge trying to keep her graduate student from jumping. Doug's a widower with 4 kids: Sean, Brian, Casey, and tomboy Maureen. Kelly and Doug get married, and Kelly has the challenge of getting the kids to like her.
Kirk Cameron stars as Kirk Hartman, a 24 year-old fresh from college, with dreams of becoming a famous illustrator. For now, he works at a billboard company in New York City. He grew up in a small-town in Ohio with his brothers Correy (14ish) and Russel (5ish), and his sister Phoebe (12ish), who were orphaned when their parents died when Russel was 2. Just as he moves into his new apartment (in the same building as his college roommate Eddie) his Aunt Zelda drops the kids on them because she is getting married and moving to Florida. Chelsea Noble plays Elizabeth Waters, the across the hall interest who is a hospital intern. During the second season Kirk and Elizabeth get married.
Life with Roger
An "odd couple" comedy about normal guy Jason (Maurice Godin), who runs into a quirky stranger, Roger (Mike O'Malley), and immediately gains a problematic pal.
Mission Hill
Animated comedy set in the Mission Hill neighborhood of the mythical city of Cosmopolis. Andy French is a 24-year-old lazy guy who works at a mattress store, but wants to be an cartoonist. His life style is disrupted when his parents move to Wyoming and dump his 17-year-old nerdy brother Kevin on him. The two couldn't be more mismatched. Andy is usually relaxed, except when high-strung do-gooder and clueless Kevin is around.
Movie Stars
Sixteen-year-old Laurie Harden runs away from her mother in Ohio to live in Hollywood with her father, "Action Hero" Reese Harden. Reese is now married to oscar-winning dramatic actress J.C. Wyatt, with whom he has two children: son Apache, an aspiring studio executive, and daughter Moonglow. Reese's brother Todd, a Juliard trained actor, is his personal assistant. Todd hangs out with the brothers of Sylverstor Stallone, Patrick Swayze, and John Travolta (played by themselves).
A serialized sit-com that takes place in Survival Gym. Characters include: Kent, the loser son of the murdered gym owner; Jane, the young widowed wife who is in love with Kent; Angela, a trainer who is in love with the club gigalo, Gianni; Victor, the juice bar tender; Cleo, a young trainer from the Midwest who is trying to escape her mother's wish that she take over the family brothel by becoming an actress; Brawnwin, the lesbian news-anchor; Sam, the body-builder; Garnett, the slimy lawyer; Marshall, the slimy psychologist; and Robert, the slimy ex-stock banker.
Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher
From WB promos on AOL:
Remember all those shows about deeply inspired, dedicated cooperative teachers? Well, Gerald R. Ford Middle School doesn't have any...except for Nick Freno, a former aspiring actor (Mitch Mullany), Mezz Crosby (Reggie Hayes), and Sheryl Sutherland (Lisa Thornhill). Free-thinking and idealistic, they have absolutely no time for bureaucratic red tape. Especially that of stodgy assistant principal Fust. So when these rebels and their like-minded students begin bucking the system, it's not hard to guess who will come out on top - with class.

Second season sees the school become a high school.

Big lovable Dwight was all set to go to Pepperdyne University and study to become a corporate tax lawyer. But then Nikki crashes his party to use the phone after her car breaks down, and ends up stowing away in his car and convincing him to come to Las Vegas with her to pursue his dream of becoming a pro-wrestler while she pursues her dream of dance. It's now three years later and the two are married. Nikki is a dancer as the Golden Calf Casino and Dwight is just starting in wrestling as "The Cry Baby." Unfortunately for them, Dwight's overbearing mother comes to visit for a week and never leaves.
The Parent 'Hood
Robert Townsend is Robert Peterson, a professor of psychology at NYU, struggling to be a father in the 90's. He lives with his wife Gerry, who is studying to be a lawyer. They have four kids: their son Michael, 15; their son Nickolas, ~8; their daughter C.C, 3; and their daughter Zaria, 14.
The PJs
"Foamation" comedy set in the Hilton-Jacobs housing projects of a big city. Thurgood Stubbs is the gruff-but-lovable superintendent who does his best half-assed job to keep things running. His wife Muriel helps keep the peace with the rest of the colorful tenants. Thurgood hangs out with his brother-in-law Jimmy, a Korean "brother," and friend Sanchez. The group attempt to mentor 10-year-old pals Calvin and Juicy, usually with catastrophic side-effects.
Comedic high-school drama about popularity. Samantha McPherson and her friends Carmen, Lily, and John Harrison are not popular (nor are they the least popular). Brook McQueen and her friends Nicole, Mary Cherry, and Josh are popular. Things get complicated when Sam's widowed mother becomes engaged to Brook's divorced father.
Rescue 77
A drama about the paramedics of LA Fire and Rescue 77.
Liz Parker's life changes one day when her life is mysteriously saved by Max Evans. In turns out that Max Evans, his "sister" Isabelle, and their friend Michael are aliens. They hatched from bods in the Roswell desert at the age of six. They do not know who they are or where they are from. Liz and her friends Alex and Maria become involved with the aliens while the town sheriff Jack Valenti follows in his father's foot steps and tries to expose the truth about them.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
After four years on ABC's "TGIF" Friday lineup, this series jumped to The WB. Based on the Archie comic series, Sabrina Spellman is a half-witch half-mortal sent to live with her supernatural aunts Hilda and Zelda in Salem, Massachusetts while her mortal mother pursues archeological research in South America and her magical father is on diplomatic assignment for the government of the magical "Other Realm." Ne'er-do-well relative Salem Saberhagen, sentenced to exist as a cat for trying to take over the universe, rounds out the family. The fifth season sees Sabrina beginning her freshman year at the local university and dealing with wacky roommates.
Safe Harbor
Family drama about the Loring family of Magic Beach, Florida. Father John, a widower, is the town sheriff raising three boys with the help of his mother.
Aaron Spelling drama about three women in Savannah, Georgia. Loral Johnson Provides the following description:
The show takes place in Savannah Georgia (thus the title). Apparently, Savannah is home to some of the south's wealthy. A textile tycoon, Edward Burton and his struggle between love for money above compassion for his daughter Reese. His housekeeper is Peyton's mother. Peyton, although a guest of the house, and somewhat "loose", uses her body to do whatever it takes to get the power that money can buy."
7th Heaven
A family drama from Aaron Spelling centered about the life of progressive minister Eric, his wife Annie, and their five children, ages 16 to 3. With the help of his wife and the guy upstairs, Eric teaches his children about family values and togetherness. (Description adapted from WB promos on AOL.)
Harland Williams is Simon, a simple forrest-gump like fellow who has just moved to the city (New York?) with his recently divorced, and MBA holding, but down on his luck brother Carl (Jason Batemen). Simon gets hired as the VP of programming at the Vintage Television cable channel.
Sister, Sister
Tia and Tamera Mowry play reunited identical teenage twins, who are opposites of each other. Tia is studious and straight-laced, while Tamara is impulsive. They were seperated by adoption, and some how got reunited and now live with their separate adoptive parents. Tia's mother Lisa (played by Jackee Harry) is impulsive, while Tamara's father Ray is more conservative. The first two seasons were on ABC, third season began on The WB on August 2, 1995.
Smart Guy
T.J. Henderson is a ten year-old who was just accelerated into high school. T.J.'s family includes Floyd, his widowed father, Yvette his 16 year-old sister, and Marcus, his 15 year-old brother. Conflict arises as T.J. deals with the strange habits of the teen agers around him.
The Steve Harvey Show
From WB promos on AOL:
Life teaches us a lesson every day. Steve Hightower (Steve Harvey) just wishes he had time to take better notes! But this former musician has to hit the ground running when he lands a job teaching music at an inner-city high school. And though he's played many tough gigs, Steve has never had an audience like this! Fortunately, he has P.E. instructor Cedric James (Cedric The Entertainer) to help him get over his stage fright. Soon, the ex-jazz man teaches his new students a thing or two about life, self-respect and how Gladys found her Pips.
Three elusive criminals, Amanda Web, Marcus Miller, and Jonathan Vance, are "recruted" by The Organization, a consortium of government and business interests dedicated to maintaining the status quo. Of course, the the trio must perform espionage on behalf of The Organization to work of there debt to society. Amanda Web is a con-artist and weapons expert, Marcus Miller is a computer hacker Robin Hood, and Jonathan Vance is an art and jewel thief.
The Tom Show
Tom Arnold's back with yet another show (this makes 3!). This time he is Tom Amross, the ex-husband of a successful daytime talkshow personality Maggie (played by Shannon Tweed). He and his two daughters, 13-year-old cynic Kenlon, and 9-year-old Alissa, have fled Hollywood to his hometown of Mineapolis, where he is now the producer of a local breakfast time show "Breakfast With Charlie" (Charlie is played by Ed McMahon).
Unhappily Ever After
The program revolves around Jack Malloy and his ex-wife Jennifer, who just got divorced after 16 years of marriage. They have three children: Ryan, a not so bright teenage son; Tiffany, a beautiful teenage daughter; and Ross, an eight year old son. Jennifer's mother, Maureen Slatery, a pill-head, also lives with Jennifer and the kids. Jack, a used car salesman, works for Jennifer's father, and lives in a crummy apartment with Mr. Floppy, a stuffed bunny given to him by Ross, who talks to him.
The Wayans Brothers
Sit-com starring Marlon and Shawn Wayans, of In Living Color fame, as Marlon and Shawn Williams. Shawn is a college grad works for a parcel delivery company and is the more serious brother, while Marlon works in his father's diner and is the more spontaneous. The two brothers share an apartment and disagreements arise, often because Marlon is being a pain while Shawn is with his girlfriend Lisa. Starting with the second season Shawn and Marlon run the newstand in front of the building where his father's diner is.
Young Americans
Local-boy Will Kresky earns a scholarship to Rawley Boys Academy, a prestigious prepatory school on the outskirts of town. His friend and roommate, Scout Calhoun, son of Senator Calhoun, learns that he may be the half-brother of a Bella, a childhood friend of Will. Hamilton Fleming, son of the headmaster, develops a confusing relationship with Jacqueline a.k.a. "Jake", daughter of a successful stage actress masquerading as a boy to see in a bizarre attempt to see if her mother is paying attention. As the summer session of their sophomore year begins, Will struggles with balancing his new life while maintaining ties with his existing friends.
You're the One
Cultures clash when Mark Weitz, a NY Jew, marries Linsay Metcalf, a descendent of Southern Gentry. Linsay is a landscape architect, Mark runs a web site design company with his former college roommate, Howard. Unfortunately for Mark, Linsey's wealthy overbearing father, Bo, buys his company and forces Linsay's meek brother Kip on them. Meanwhile, Linsay has to deal with Mark's neurotic sister.
Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane
Comedy about spunky high-school sophmore Zoe Bean and her friends Duncan, Jack, and Jane. The four attend Fielding Melish Prep school in NY city. Jack and Jane are twins, and their mother is bit nutty, but rich. Jack is quite over-confident, while Jane is more of a Goth. Duncan is a bit dorky with the ladies, but a good friend to Zoe, who is usually the ring-leader of their plans.
The second season of Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane. It is three years later and Zoe, Jack, and Jane are freshmen at NYU, while Duncan is a highly paid computer programmer. Jane is studying photography and is an intern for an obnoxious but famous fashion photographer. Zoe and Jane live together and Jack and Duncan live together. Zoe now works as the evening manager of a Chinese restaurant. New friend Douglas is a waiter and aspiring playwrite there.

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