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The Adventures of Captain Planet
Gaia has summoned five special kids, one from each continent, to help fight "eco-villians". Together, these Planateers can summon the super-hero Captain Planet. Formally aired on TBS and in syndication. Premiered on September 1, 1998.
The Warner Brothers, Wakko and Yakko, and the Warner Sister, Dot, run amok through the WB studios. Other characters include: Rita and Runt, a homeless cat and dog; Mindy, a precocious four-year-old girl and her protective pup, Buttons; The Goodfeathers, three pigeons who hit the streets in search of food, status and respect; Pinky and The Brain, two lab mice with grand plans to take over the world; and Slappy Squirrel, a sassy female cartoon star of the 1930s and '40s who is still pursued by her old enemies. First two seaons were on FOX. Third season premiered on The WB on September 9, 1995.
Bugs 'n' Daffy
Classic Loony Toons and Merry Melodies cartoons shown on weekday afternoons. (Formerly That's Warner Bros.!). Began September 9, 1996.
Channel Umptee-3
Channel Umptee-3 is a secret television station located in the white space between channels. It's transmitted by a small band of wildly enthusiastic television pirates led by Ogden, Holey Moley and Sheldon S. Cargo, who drive around in the Umptee-3 news van broadcasting stuff that's entirely too cool, too weird and too wonderful for regular television. And best of all, it's all true. It's all about the world we live in. If you know how to look at it (and Channel Umptee-3 knows how to look at it!) the world is a magical place. (Description from Sony's web site). Premiered October 25, 1998.
Earthworm Jim
Earthworm Jim is transformed into the defender of the galaxy when a super-power suit meant for the tyrant Queen was dropped on him. Now he must protect the galaxy against her, Professor Monkey-For-A-Head, The Cat From Heck, Henchrat, Psy-Crow, and Bob (the Fish). He is aided by Princess What's-Her-Name, Peter Puppy, and Snott, a small pile of goo. Based on the computer game. Premiered September 9, 1995.
Dexter Douglas, a teen from Washington, DC is caught in a computer crash on the information superhighway and is turned into a super-hero, whose synapses constantly misfire, sending his thoughts and ideas streaking into various comic directions, one right after the other. Companions include: Lord Bravery, The Huntsman, Fanboy, Toby Danger, The Lawn Gnomes, Foamy the Freakadog, Hero Boy, Mo-Ron, and Freakazette. Villains include: The Lobe, Candle Jack, and Cave Guy. Premiered September 9, 1995.
The Legend of Calamity Jane
Animated series about Calamity Jane, a free-spirited young woman in the Wild West. It's currently being "retooled." Aired from September 13, 1997 to October 18, 1997.
Men in Black: The Series
Based on the movie, the series follows three agenets of a secret agency that provides immigration services to earth-bound aliens. The team must keep tabs on the immigrants, while at the same time keep the general population in the dark about the aliens. Premeired October 11, 1998.
The New Adventures of Batman/Superman
Episodes of the current Superman series, and former Fox series Adventures of Batman and Robin / Batman: The Animated Series, mixed with new "lighter" toned Batman & Robin episodes. Premeired September 1, 1998.
Pinky and the Brain
Lab mice Pinky and The Brain do the same thing they do every night and try to take over the world. Unfortunately, they always sabatoge their own wacky plans and have to try again the next night. Originally from The Animaniacs. Premiered September 10, 1995.
Road Rovers
Saturday morning cartoon about courageous canines who defend and protect all that's good in the galaxy. By day, the "Road Rovers" are faithful companions of the world's heads of State... but when the mysterious "Master" sounds his high pitched alarm, the Road Rovers jump into action, pass though the "Trans-dog-mifier" and suddenly stand upright, turning into the most buffed-up, powerful howling hounds ever to walk the planet. Whether battling the sinister, Dr. Parvo or simply "ruffin'" up villains that bark up the wrong tree, the "Road Rovers" are high-spirited forces to be reckoned with. These underdogs don't beg for attention, they command it. (Description from Kids WB! documents from Warner Bros.) Began September 7, 1996.
The DC Comics character is animated in this Saturday morning cartoon. Tim Daly is the voice of Superman and Dana Delany is the voice of Lois Lane. 90-minute prime-time debut on September 6, 1996. Regular series began on September 7, 1996.
The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries
Sylvester the cat, Tweety the canary, and Hector the bulldog travel with Granny around the world as she uses her detective skills to solve crimes and foil plots. Of course, Sylvester tries to eat Tweety during each adventure. Villains include: Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd, and Moo Goo Guy Pan. Premiered September 9, 1995.
That's Warner Bros.!
Weekday show featuring classic Looney Toons and Merry Melodies. September 11, 1995 to September 6, 1996.
Tiny Toon Adventures
Weekday cartoon about adolescent Warner Brother's cartoons going to Cartoon school where the are taught by the old WB greats. Formally aired on the Fox Kids Network. Premiered September 1, 1997.
Saturday morning cartoon featuring the Damon Wayans as ten-year old Damey Walker. Damey struggles through the perils of pre-adolescence in urban, lower Manhattan with breathtaking and often nonstop energy. Armed with a sharpened wit and an eclectic group of friends, Damey is the neighborhood underdog whose constant optimism and inventiveness pull him into life's spotlight. (Description from Kids WB! documents from Warner Bros.) Begins October 1996.

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