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Since February 2004, I’ve been a Member of the Technical Staff at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to that I was a Post Doctoral Fellow and graduate student in the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University, where I was a member of the Fluid Project, lead by Dr. William L. Scherlis.

A list of selected publications is below, or you can download my CV (PDF).

My SEI Staff web page.

Professional Activities

I was on the program committee for Synchronization and Concurrency in Object-Oriented Languages (SCOOL) at OOPSLA 2005.


At the SEI, I am in the Performance Critical Systems group in the Dynamic Systems initiative where I develop architecture analyses and architectural analysis tools for real-time and embedded systems. Primarily I work with the new Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL).

I still have a collaborative relationship with the Fluid Project whose agenda is to develop static program analysis techniques to assure safety at scale with respect to programmer-declared design intent. A dominant design consideration is that our techniques be adoptable by practicing programmers. I developed for my thesis—and continue to develop—the Fluid tool’s concurrency and effects analyses.

While the Fluid tool is more than a bug finder, it does bring me into close contact with newly discovered bugs.

Research Interests



Aaron Greenhouse. A Programmer-Oriented Approach to Safe Concurrency. Ph.D. Thesis. Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science, Pittsburgh, PA. May 2003. Technical Report CMU-CS-03-135.

Refereed Journal Papers

Aaron Greenhouse, T. J. Halloran, and William L. Scherlis. “Observations on the Assured Evolution of Concurrent Java Programs.” Science of Computer Programming 58(3):384–411. (A revised and extended version of the below CSJP paper.)

Refereed Conference Papers

Dean F. Sutherland, Aaron Greenhouse, and William L. Scherlis. “The Code of Many Colors: Relating Threads to Code and Shared State.” Workshop on Program Analysis for Software Tools and Engineering (PASTE ’02), November 2002.

Aaron Greenhouse and William L. Scherlis. “Assuring and Evolving Concurrent Programs: Annotations and Policy.” International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE ’02). May 2002.

Aaron Greenhouse and John Boyland. “An Object-Oriented Effects System.” The 13th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP ’99), Volume 1628 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, June 1999.

Refereed Workshop Papers

Aaron Greenhouse, T. J. Halloran, and William L. Scherlis. “Observations on the Assured Evolution of Concurrent Java Programs.“ 2004 Workshop on Concurrency and Synchronization in Java Programs at PODC ’04. July 2004. Memorial University of Newfoundland Computer Science Technical Report #2004-01. [11 papers accepted out of 16 submissions]

Aaron Greenhouse, T. J. Halloran, and William L. Scherlis. “Using Eclipse to Demonstrate Positive Static Assurance of Java Program Concurrency Design Intent.” Eclipse Technology eXchange (eTX) workshop at OOPSLA ’03. [21 papers accepted out of >50 submissions]

Workshop Papers

Elissa Newman, Aaron Greenhouse, and William L. Scherlis. “Annotation-Based Diagrams for Shared-Data Concurrency.” Workshop on Concurrency Issues in UML at UML 2001. October 2001.

John Boyland and Aaron Greenhouse, “MayEqual: A New Alias Question.” The Intercontinental Workshop on Aliasing in Object-Oriented Systems at ECOOP ’99, June 1999. Summarized in Object-Oriented Technology: ECOOP 1999 Workshop Reader, Volume 1743 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 141–143.


My office is at the Software Engineering Institute, Pittsburgh campus. My preferred e-mail address for Fluid-related inquiries is aarong@cs.cmu.edu. For other correspondance please use aarong@sei.cmu.edu.
Office: 5417
Phone: (412) 268-6464
Support Person: Madelaine Dusseau (412) 268-7730
Mailing Address: Aaron Greenhouse
Software Engineering Institute
4500 Fifth Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Other Stuff

The above picture of me was taken in June 2004 in the city of Bath.

See my personal web pages.

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