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Byron Spice, "IEEE Confers Prestigious Fellow Status On Four Carnegie Mellon Faculty Members", SCS Press Release, December 5, 2012, and local copy; CMU Press release; or excerpt in the Piper.

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Our press release about Apatite and Jadeite was reproduced in at least 34 places, and translated into Chinese, Danish and Italian!

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The "Knowledge Encapsulation System", a commercial product of Software Theories, specifically references our paper as an influence.

Mike Crissey, "Researchers aim to make debugging simpler", Associated Press, July 26, 2004. Appears in and MSNBC and CNN and and and, and Detroit News (August 15, 2004), and Melbourne,Victoria,Australia Herald Sun, and Gadgetopia, and 404 Magazine (in German), etc.

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sep 2013 —

Our paper on Azurite was accepted to be presented at VL/HCC'13.

may 2013 —

Our paper on Euclase was presented at the LIVE workshop at ICSE'2013.

dec 2012 —

Brad Myers is selected as an IEEE Fellow "for development of software tools for human-computer interaction." See the  IEEE 2013 List, and the CMU press release!

oct 2012 —

A paper about ConstraintJS was presented at UIST'12.

oct 2012 —

Our paper from 2002 was named a Most Influential Paper for important influences on VL/HCC research or commerce over the last 10+/-1 years by the IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing in 2012, for "Using HCI techniques to design a more usable programming system", Pane, J.F., Myers, B.A., and Miller, L.B., from HCC'2002.

june 2012 —

We presented a paper in ICSE'2012 about our new Graphite system!

may 2012 —

We presented a paper in CHI'2012 about WebCrystal!

sept 2011 —

Brad was Chair of the VL/HCC'2011 conference, where a paper about REACHER appeared.

april 2011 —

Our survey about End-User Software Engineering appeared in ACM Computing Surveys.

september 2010 —

We presented two papers at VL/HCC'2010, one on Apatite and one on Calcite.

september 2009 —

We presented three papers at VL/HCC'2009!

june 2009 —

Our press release about Apatite and Jadeite was reproduced in at least 34 places, and translated into Chinese, Danish and Italian!

may 2009 —

Apatite won first place in the "Yahoo! Undergraduate Research Awards" competition at Carnegie Mellon University, May 6, 2009! Here is a picture of Dan Eisenberg with his winning poster:

nov 2008 —

Our study of object oriented design and API usability was presented at FSE 2008.

sept 2008 —

We presented four papers at VL/HCC this year! Two on Euclase and two on API usability.

may 2008 —

The Java Whyline is available for download!

april 2008 —

Our Java Whyline paper at ICSE '08 won a Distinguished Paper Award!

september 2007 —

Brad gave an overview lecture on the Natural Programming Project at Stanford. See the video (1hr24min).

march 2007 —

Three ICSE'2007 papers! One on the factory pattern, one on the create-set-call pattern and one on information needs.

april 2006 —

Brad gave an end-user programming overview talk at CHI '06

january 2006 —

We had two CHI papers accepted: one on Barista and one on Crystal!

may 2005 —

Our paper on a study of maintenance tasks won one of four distinguished paper awards at ICSE 2005!

april 2005 —

Our paper on building statistical models of programmers' interruptibility won one of four best paper awards at CHI 2005!

august 10th, 2005 —

PC Magazine is running an article in print and on the web about the 10 biggest problems with PCs, and debugging is one of them. They mention the Whyline and have a picture of us.

june 28th, 2004 —

CNN has posted the Associated Press article on the Whyline! Check out the response on Most comments seemed to think the Whyline has something to do with "plain English," but of course, it doesn't.

may 14th, 2004 —

PC Mag has a story on the EUSES consortium called "Debugging for the Masses", which talks about the Whyline.

may 7th, 2004 —

Tom Chi of mentioned the Whyline in his CHI 2004 highlights. Thanks Tom!

may 6th, 2004 —

NSF has posted a press release about the EUSES consortium, which includes a bit about the Whyline.

april 27th, 2004 —

The Whyline was presented at CHI 2004 in Vienna, Austria. A video demonstration of the Whyline will be posted soon!

october 2002 —

Brad Myers's ICFP'02 Talk on Natural Programming

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