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Machine Translation Lunch Seminar

Machine Translation (MT) Lunch Seminar is an informal discussion group where researchers in the area of Machine Translation present their research and seek feedback from the MT groups at CMU. For new students interested in MT, it is a great place to meet MT researchers at CMU and know more about their work.


Groups and Projects

    The AVENUE project (funded by NSF/ITR) is concerned with the design and rapid development of new Machine Translation methods for languages for which only scarce resources are available. AVENUE has both social and scientific goals in Machine Translation. The scientific goal of AVENUE is to explore methods to reduce the development time and cost of MT, thereby making it available to more people. The social goal is to contribute to a growing trend to reinstate indigenous languages in official uses outside of the home, and to prevent the disenfranchisement of speakers of indigenous languages. We are actively working on an MT system between Spanish and Mapudungun, a native language spoken in southern Chile, and have started working on Quechua, a native language spoken mainly in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia.
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