Archived Talks from SIGCOMM 2002

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This SIGCOMM 2002 talks archive is hosted by Carnegie Mellon University and is a part of the End System Multicast project funded by DARPA, NSF and Intel Corp.

Below, you will find the Keynote Address, the Technical Program, and several Student Poster Presentations.

Keynote Address

Dr. Scott Shenker of the ICSI Center for Internet Research, SIGCOMM 2002 Award Winner
"Whither SIGCOMM? SIGCOMM Past, Present, and Future" [Windows Media] [Quicktime Sorenson3]

Technical Program

BGP Analysis [Entire session in chapter indexed Quicktime Sorenson3]

Understanding BGP Misconfigurations [Windows Media]
Ratul Mahajan, David Wetherall and Tom Anderson
of Washington

On the Correctness of IBGP Configuration
[Windows Media]
Timothy G. Griffin and Gordon Wilfong
AT&T Labs-Research / Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technology

Realistic BGP Traffic for Test Labs [Windows Media]
Olaf Maennel and Anja Feldmann
Saarland University

Overlay Networks [Entire session in chapter indexed Quicktime Sorenson3]

Informed Content Delivery Across Adaptive Overlay Networks [Windows Media]
John Byers, Jeffrey Considine, Michael Mitzenmacher and Stanislav Rost
Boston University
/Harvard Universit / MIT

SOS: Secure Overlay Services [Windows Media]
Angelos Keromytis, Vishal Misra an Dan Rubenstein
Columbia University

Internet Indirection Infrastructure [Windows Media]
Ion Stoica, Dan Adkins, Shelley Zhuang, Scott Shenker and Sonesh Surana
U.C. Berkeley / ICSI

Congestion Control [Entire session in chapter indexed Quicktime Sorenson3]

Internet Congestion Control for Future High Bandwidth-Delay Product Environments [Windows Media]
Dina Katabi, Mark Handley and Charles Rohrs
MIT / ICSI / Tellabs

On the Long-Run Behavior of Equation-Based Rate Control [Windows Media]
Milan Vojnovic and Jean-Yves Le Boudec

Selfish Behavior and Stability of the Internet: A Game-Theoretic Analysis of TCP [Windows Media]
Aditya Akella, Richard Karp, Christos Papadimitriou, Srinivasan Seshan and Scott Shenker
CMU / ICSI / UC Berkeley

Invited Talk - Mike O'Dell
"Reflections on the Future of Very Large Data Networks"  [Windows Media] [Quicktime Sorenson3]

Measuring and Simulating Networks [Entire session in chapter indexed Quicktime Sorenson3]

Measuring ISP Topologies with Rocketfuel [Windows Media]
Neil Spring, Ratul Mahajan and David Wetheral
of Washington

Network Topology Generators: Degree-Based vs Structural [Windows Media]
Hongsuda Tangmunarunkit, Ramesh Govindan, Sugih Jamin, Scott Shenker and Walter Willinger
USC/Information Sciences Institute / ICSI /University of Michigan / AT&T Labs-Research

Traffic Matrix Estimation: Existing Techniques Compared and New Directions [Windows Media]
Alberto Medina, Nina Taft, Kave Salamatian, Supratik Bhattacharyya and Christophe Diot
Boston University / Sprint / University of Detache VI

P2P and Multicast [Entire session in chapter indexed Quicktime Sorenson3]

Replication Strategies in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks [Windows Media]
Edith Cohen and Scott Shenker
AT&T Labs-Research / ICSI

Wave and Equation Based Rate Control Using Multicast Round Trip Time [Windows Media]
Michael Luby, Vivek Goyal, Simon Skaria and Gavin B. Horn
Digital Fountain / UC Irvine / Pulsent

Scalable Application Layer Multicast [Windows Media]
Suman Banerjee, Bobby Bhattacharjee and Christopher Kommareddy
of Maryland College Park

Routing Dynamics [Entire session in chapter indexed Quicktime Sorenson3]

Route Flap Damping Exacerbates Internet Routing Convergence [Windows Media]
Zhuoqing Mao, Ramesh Govindan, Randy Katz and George Varghese
UC Berkeley / ICSI / UC San Diego

Route Oscillations in I-BGP with Route Reflection [Windows Media]
Anindya Basu, C.-H. Luke Ong, April Rasala, F. Bruce Shepherd and Gordon Wilfong
Bell Laboratories /Oxford Universit / MIT

Router Design and Analysis [Entire session in chapter indexed Quicktime Sorenson3]

Routers with a Single Stage of Buffering [Windows Media]
Sundar Iyer, Rui Zhang andNick McKeown
Stanford University

Lightweight Network Support for Scalable End-to-End Services [Windows Media]
Kenneth L. Calvert, James Griffioen and Su Wen University of Kentucky

On Fundamental Tradeoffs between Delay Bounds and Computational Complexity in Packet Scheduling Algorithms [Windows Media]
Jun Xu and Richard Lipton
Georgia Institute of Technology

Measuring Paths and Flows [Entire session in chapter indexed Quicktime Sorenson3]

End-to-end Available Bandwidth: Measurement Methodology, Dynamics, and Relation with TCP Throughput [Windows Media]
Manish Jain and Constantinos Dovrolis
of Delaware

On the Characteristics and Origins of Internet Flow Rates [Windows Media]
Yin Zhang, Lee Breslau, Vern Paxson and Scott Shenker
AT&T Labs-Research / ICSI

New Directions in Traffic Measurement and Accounting [Windows Media]
Cristian Estan and George Varghese
UC San Diego

Position Papers [Entire session in chapter indexed Quicktime Sorenson3]

An End-to-End Approach to Globally Scalable Network Storage [Windows Media]
Micah Beck, Terry Moore and James S. Plank
of Tennessee

Tussle in Cyberspace: Defining Tomorrow's Internet [Windows Media]
David D. Clark, John Wroclawski, Karen Sollins and Robert Braden
MIT / USC/Information Sciences Institute

Student Poster Presentations

Presenters include: Wesley Eddy (Ohio University), Glenn Judd (CMU), Guido Appenzeller (Stanford), Debojyoti Dutta (ISI), Saurabh Garg (USC), Rishi Sinha (USC), Francis Chang (OGI), Angelos Stavrou (Columbia), Abraham Yaar (Boston University), Pablo Molinero (Stanford), Ji Li (MIT)

[All recorded poster presentations in Windows Media]
[All recorded poster presentations in Quicktime Sorenson3]