Dome Release Information (V 1.0.1)


Dome, the Distributed object migration environment, provides a C++ library of distributed objects for parallel programming. These objects perform dynamic load balancing and support fault tolerance. Programmers using Dome can, with modest effort, write parallel programs that are automatically distributed over a heterogeneous network, dynamically load balanced as the program runs, and able to survive compute node and network failures. Thus, Dome provides a means for writing simple simple and efficient distributed programs. The focus of the Dome system is to support parallel programming over networks of workstations. Dome's load balancing and fault tolerance play an integral role in producing efficient and survivable parallel programs in such an environment. Dome uses a single program multiple data (SPMD) model to perform the parallelization of programs which use the Dome library, and Dome uses PVM to provide its underlying process control and message passing.


The Dome system is available via ftp in a package called dome1.0.1.tar.Z . The package includes the Dome source code, makefiles, related build scripts, documentation, and example programs.

To obtain a copy of the Dome package click here .

The dome1.0.1.tar.Z file contains the Dome system in compressed tar format. Once the package dome1.0.1.tar.Z has been obtained, place it in the directory in which you wish to install the source. This file must then be uncompressed and untarred. This can be done with the following command:

	% zcat dome1.0.1.tar.Z | tar -xvf 
When this is done the Dome system will occupy approximately 1652 kbytes of storage.

Users of the Dome system must also have PVM installed and running on their system before attempting to use the Dome system.

Before compiling Dome, please check the top-level Makefile to make sure that the environment variable PVM_BIN is properly defined for your system.

dome1.0.1.tar.Z fixes a few bugs and incompatibilities found in the original dome1.0.tar.Z .


The Dome package when untarred contains the following directories


The authors of Dome can be contacted at .