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Shaw and Clements 97
Mary Shaw, Paul Clements. ``A Field Guide to Boxology: Preliminary Classification of Architectural Styles for Software Systems.'' COMPSAC '97 (to appear).

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Robert DeLine, Gregory Zelesnik, Mary Shaw. ``Lessons on Converting Batch Systems to Support Interaction.'' Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Software Engineering, May 1997 (to appear).

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Mary Shaw and David Garlan. Software Architecture: Perspectives on an Engineering Discipline. Prentice Hall, March 1996.

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Mary Shaw, Robert DeLine, Gregory Zelesnik. ``Abstractions and Implementations for Architectural Connections.'' International Conference on Configurable Distributed Systems, May 1996.

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Mary Shaw. ``Truth vs Knowledge: The Difference Between What a Component Does and What We Know It Does.'' Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Software Specification and Design, March 1996.

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Mary Shaw. ``Some Patterns for Software Architecture.'' Pattern Languages of Program Design 2, Addison-Wesley, 1996.

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Mary Shaw. ``Making Choices: A Comparison of Styles for Software Architecture.'' IEEE Software, special issue on software architecture, vol 12, no 6, November 1995, pp.27-41.

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Mary Shaw, Robert DeLine, Daniel V. Klein, Theodore L. Ross, David Young, Gregory Zelesnik. ``Abstractions for Software Architecture and Tools to Support Them.'' IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, vol 21, no 4, April 1995, pp. 314-335.

Lane 90
Thomas G. Lane, ``Studying Software Architecture Through Design Spaces and Rules,'' Technical Report CMU/SEI-90-TR18 ESD-90-TR-219, Carnegie Mellon University, September 1990.

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