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  Seminar series organized by Roger Dannenberg  
Jeannette M. Wing ,
President's Professor of Computer Science Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon
Computational Thinking: Two and a Half Years Later
Friday, September 26, 2008,Newell Simon Hall 1305, 12:00 pm


My vision for the 21st Century: Computational thinking will be a fundamental skill used by everyone in the world.  I stated this vision over a year and a half ago and since then, the response by the computing community has been tremendously gratifying. In this talk I will describe how in my role at NSF I have able to reach an even broader community-- beyond CMU, beyond computer science, beyond other sciences and engineering, and even beyond the US--in terms of both research and education.  As a field, we are still early in our potential impact and I will point out opportunities for computer scientists to further our reach into all fields of endeavor and into all, especially the early, stages of the educational pipeline.

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