Andrew -- The Unknown Inset for Andrew 5.1

The AUIS 5.1 safety net for users receiving AUIS 6.2 (or later) files

The Unknown inset and related insets provide a degree of protection from the receipt of mail containing objects introduced in AUIS 6.2 which AUIS 5.1 did not have. The related insets have the same names as insets included in AUIS 6.2, but their only function is to inform the user that the inset is not supported in their current system.

This package does not fix the underlying bugs which cause unknown insets to crash some ATK applications and insets.

Note that this package is not required as long as the senders of any multimedia AUIS mail, or creators of any AUIS documents, restrict their files or messages to insets included in AUIS 5.1.


You should consider upgrading to AUIS 6.3. This package is a stop-gap measure only.

Danger Danger Danger

This package should not be installed if you have AUIS 5.2 or later installed. It is for 5.1 only. To test this, type the following at your shell prompt:

ez; figure

If ez does not come up, then make sure your $ANDREWDIR/bin is in your path. If ez does come up but figure reports "figure: Command not found" then this package is for you. If figure does come up do not install this package. (It is not sufficient to check the ATK version number displayed by the applications. ATK applications may display an incorrect version number if $ANDREWDIR is set incorrectly.)


Retrieve the following small archive, and uncompress and untar it: Then enter

cd safetynet

You should see these files listed:


If you do not have ANDREWDIR set, discover the proper setting and set it. (e.g. setenv ANDREWDIR /usr/andrew) Also make sure that the imake program is in your path. Then type:

imake -Timake.tmpl -I$ANDREWDIR/config -s Makefile -DTOPDIR=$ANDREWDIR

If the installation fails, but all the .do files were made, you should also type:

chmod 555 *.do
cp *.do $ANDREWDIR/dlib/atk
chmod 444 *.ih
cp *.ih $ANDREWDIR/include
(cd $ANDREWDIR/dlib/atk;doindex -d . *.do)

To test the installation type:

ez testfile

This should display a brief explanation of what to expect, and then an unknown inset (actually an image in the test file.)

If you have any problems with this package please send a report to

Rob Ryan
April 7, 1994
Updated 6/10/1994

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