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The following materials are provided by the Andrew Consortium at
Carnegie Mellon University for internal educational use only and may not
be reproduced for sale or distribution.


_____ The Andrew User Guide US$25

This printed and bound guide, offers a comprehensive description of how
to use Andrew applications and insets. Chapters cover ez, help,
typescript, messages, console, raster, figure, table, and many other
facets of the system. (130 pages)

_____ Selected Technical Papers on Andrew US$30

This set represents a selection of some of our most handy references on the Andrew system. (250 pages)

_____ Andrew Technical Conference Proceedings US$20

The Andrew Consortium sponsors its own technical conference each year.
This volume includes the entire proceedings of the 1994 and 1995 events,
(HTML Editors, Widgets, Application Developer's View of Andrew, The Web
Browser, Compound Document Architectures) plus highlights from the 1992
and 1993 conferences. (85 pages)

_____ Programming Documentation on Andrew US$95

This package represents a complete set of programming documentation on
the Andrew system, sold in hard copy form. (1250 pages)


_____ Binary Distribution Package (7.5 in C++) US$125

This tape provides you with everything you need to get Andrew up
and running on your RS/6000, Sun 4C Sparcstation, Sun Solaris, HP 720,
DEC Pmax or Linux machine.

If you are ordering ANDREW ON TAPE, please specify format:

_____ 1/4" streaming tape (150 MB)
_____ 8 mm DAT tape (2.3 GB)
_____ 8 mm HP Iotamat format

US$ _______ SUBTOTAL


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